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how to upgrade from android 2.1 to 2.2 or 2.3

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  1. kuknoor

    kuknoor New Member

    hi everyone,
    recently i went to china and bought a android tablet with 2.1 os from non brand manufacturer .
    as i am new to android os, i dont know how to upgrade to 2.2 or 2.3.
    but i tried to update. by clicking system upgrade->check updating, but it is giving error "failed in checking for updates err 301". plz help me.
    and one more thing i want to learn more about android os , so plz can u tell
    how can i do that..
    thanks in advance

  2. It would help if you gave us a model number or something to go off of.

    Otherwise, the only way to officially upgrade is to do what you did, system updates-update software. If there isnt one available, which I doubt as most off brand devices dont support upgrades, the only other way to do it is to root and install a rom with the version you want. You would have to visit xda-developers and find a forum for that device, if there is even one available.
  3. Sunmaiden

    Sunmaiden Member

    If you purchased a Gpad G10 2.1 eclair, I don't think there is an upgrade available yet. There is a firmware upgrade, but no OS upgrade available.
  4. samsaysmore

    samsaysmore Member

    I have the Flytouch epad 2.1 10" and I'm wondering if I could upgrade to 2.2. I'm having problems getting my pad to see my Huawei e1752 3G card and I heard in 2.2 it might be a little more stable. I'm also a complete noob to Android. Went to system updates and it says non available but I know 2.2 is out?
  5. bubjub5555

    bubjub5555 New Member

    I have a dropad a9n and it has android 2.2 I want to upgrade it to 2.3 or 3.0 or 3.1 any help here are some specs
    CPU : 1 ghz
    7 inch capacitive screen
    built in 3G
    1024* by 600 TFT screen
    wifi / Bluetooth
    front and back cameras 2mps each
  6. mohdradzi84

    mohdradzi84 New Member

    i need to know is anyone know how to upgrade GTPad LY-F528?? That device come with android 2.2 and can be upgraded later to 3.0.. but where can i find the update?
  7. Sunmaiden

    Sunmaiden Member

    Does the company you purchased from have a forum? Check their website. If it was Pandawill, they have a big forum.

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