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How to upgrade my HTC T mobile G1 phone Operating System?General (Browse All)

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  1. naswakilies

    naswakilies New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 8, 2010
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    I bought new HTC T mobile G1 phone(Model No.:T mobile G, firmware version:1.5,baseband version:62.525.20.18H_2.22.20.23, kernel version:2.6.27-00392-g8312baf,build number:kila-user 1.5 CRB21 147201 ota-rel-keys release-keys, production team: www.hiapk.com ver 2.2 f). And it happens that am experiencing the following 2 problems:

    1. Only 2G is working i.e 3G is not available and
    2. Flash lights on the key board are not working i.e I can't use the key board in the dark.

    Pls. somebody help!


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