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how to upgrade / re-install firmware on Maipad MX10G

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  1. eddiex666

    eddiex666 Member

    Hi folks,

    I want to upgrade my Maipad MX10G tablet...and I need help to
    1. what firmware can I use
    2. how to upgrade

    Its a YOSpad, Infotmic 220...
    When I boot it up its a LOGO (OEM) screen, I can press HOME + BACK and I get some "re-install" screen...
    on black screen it sayes....
    1. press the req. keys to apply the factory settings. ( I press HOME + BACK)
    2. Getting recovery image
    3. extracting image
    4. burning file system
    5. recovery OK

    This makes the device "re-install default firmware"

    I want to find some other firmware...

    Any tips????

    Greetings Eddie

  2. eddiex666

    eddiex666 Member

    any tips will be nice...
    if its possible to upgrade?
    how, sd card, usb etc etc

    I think its a superfly 3 with 3G :) I am not soure..
    but there is some superfly 4, but I dont think this is my tablet.

  3. eddiex666

    eddiex666 Member

    please??? no1 with some info???

  4. eddiex666

    eddiex666 Member

    pplleeaassee help me
  5. eddiex666

    eddiex666 Member

    Any ideas , where to get some info???

    other forums???

    other catagories???

  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Google leads me to believe this is the Flytouch 3? If so, we have a subform for this. If this is still an issue, I can move your query there, hopefully someone who owns the device will be able to assist.

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