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  1. wdmalik

    wdmalik Active Member

    How can I upload my legend phone contacts to my Google account, many phone numbers have no email addresses associated to them.

  2. tovmeod

    tovmeod Member

    it should be automatic, no email addresses need to be associated to the contact, go check you gmail contacts tab
  3. wdmalik

    wdmalik Active Member

    I was thinking in same manner, but then they aren't there .. hence the question
  4. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Well your contacts HAVE to be saved as google contacts, not phone contacts. I believe it gives you that option when you save individual contacts. If your contacts are 'phone' contacts you will have to convert them to google contacts, though there is no way that i know of to do that all at once, has to be done one at a time.
    Legend is a Sense phone right?
    Check; menu>settings>accounts&sync>google>see if you can check contacts
  5. kittyliz

    kittyliz New Member

    I was just successful in emailing vcards of my contacts to myself. On the phone I went into contacts, clicked the multi-select option, and selected ALL. Then I clicked SHARE, chose GMAIL, and entered my own gmail email address. At Google GMAIL, I opened the email and clicked the icon to add the vcards to my contacts. I then had to do a bunch of merging to clean up duplicates (not sure what I did to cause them).
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