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  1. jdub41

    jdub41 New Member

    Can anyone please tell me how to set this phone up as a free mobile hotspot?

  2. Sector7

    Sector7 Active Member

    You have to get a program that gets installed on both your phone and PC and tether via the USB port but be aware this may be in violation of your TOS agreement in your phone contract. If you do some checking, a man in Canada used his mobile tether to download movies and other heavy data intensive operations thinking he had an unlimited plan. He later received thousand dollars worth phone bill.

    To make your phone a free mobile hotspot via wifi, you'll probably have to root it, as Verizon chargers for that ability so they control it OTA. Again do this at your own risk and be aware of your TOS.
  3. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    It's all over the web about how verizon is cracking down on this. I have the 2gb hotspot on my plan, but the 2g amount is never quite enough so I tether about 500mb approx to keep from going over. They may come after tetherers later, but I'd go that route before going the free hotspot route. Easy tether works well as do other apps.

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