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  1. phone dummy

    phone dummy Member

    I have a new optimus and was wanting to use it for my home internet on my desktop. I downloaded the quick setting app from the market and I have the blue hotspot turned on. I have a dell desktop ... how do I get it to find a wireless signal? Do I need a router?

  2. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    If you are rutted: Wireless Teather and if you are not rutted: PDANet. A bit of reading will more than answer your questions.
  3. phone dummy

    phone dummy Member

    What is rutted and unrutted? I'm stuck searching on this. Little phone screen and it makes it hars to reasearch my options.
  4. GenesisNemesis

    GenesisNemesis Well-Known Member

    I think it should be rooted or unrooted. Once the phone is rooted it is easy to tether it to your PC or laptop. Root the phone with z4root (not in the market any more but, search google for "z4root.apk" and you will be able to download it).

    Once you have done that just search the market for "tether" and you will be spoilt for choice.
  5. elkay

    elkay Member

    Are you sure your Dell desktop has a wireless radio?

  6. phone dummy

    phone dummy Member

    How can I tell if my desktop has a wireless radio? Please bear with me because I'm very computer illiterate. Thanks for the help in advance.
  7. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Check here: I've posted the apk(Post #12).. :D z4root was removed from the Market... :(

    Now, this is how you use USB to tether: First you need LG USB Modem Driver & LG Android Platform Driver (Look inside the PC Suite Folder in your SD Card LG provided)... Install them... Now go to Market, Search ''Easy Tether'' and install... Then follow what it says... :)

    Easy Tether LITE can't browse 'https'... So, you'll have to buy the full version or just google it.. :p

    And about the Modem Driver; In future if you are going to use tools like KDZ Updater or the One-Click things; You need to disable it (Right Click on My Computer>Manage from the Left side tree select Device Manager then find Modem in the Right Side Tree, Expand, Right Click on ''LGE Android Platform USB Modem'' and select Disable) If you don't disable it, you can't connect your phone with the tools...
  8. phone dummy

    phone dummy Member

    This is for a sprint optimus s correct? I'm not sure if it is a gt540. But the phone is only 4 days old. Thanks for the help.
  9. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Nope, I wrote it about GT540(Running 2.1, Don't know about 1.6)... :)

    If you are talking about z4root, it works for GT540... I did it & Many in this forum did it... Don't worry, It works smoothly... :D

    And if you are taking about Easy Tether, I use it myself.. :D

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