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How to use SetCPU to save battery

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  1. Bob_Bobber0

    Bob_Bobber0 Member

    I just downloaded SetCPU App, but I'm a little confused about how to use it to save battery. I want to use the app to lower the clock speed to very low while the screen is off. When I go under profiles and select the "screen off" profile, do I need to then set the clock speed down low or will it do it for me?

    Also from the main screen do I need to change the clock speed when setting it at conservative, low ect?

    Can someone explain how to effectively use the app to increase battery life! Thanks!

  2. deftonesmw

    deftonesmw Member

    set Scaling in Main tab to "OnDemand"
    go to Profiles tab:
    Select "Add Profile"
    Condition: Screen off
    Max: It's up to you, mines @ 245760
    Min: All the way down
    Scaling: ondemand
    Priority: either leave it or increase it.
    Hit save, then while still in the profiles tab, make sure you hit the "Enable" checkbox in the top left and that the profile you just made is enabled.

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  3. CaptainRichard

    CaptainRichard New Member

  4. flycap93

    flycap93 Member

    I would personally advise you to chunk juice defender. For me it seems to hurt more than help. I have already noticed a noticable increase in batterylife just using ondemand in setcpu, I am truly impressed. I also use zd box as a task killer and battery moniter....it also has many other helpfull tools. Hope this helps
  5. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member


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