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  1. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    hi guys
    i have 3 partition in my sd card
    primary fat32

    primary ext2


    now how to configure swapper2 to use the swap partition
    we have to enter the location of the swap in settings
    is this the right one for my current partition

    and also how to find which ext version is supported by my phone?

  2. speciesparag

    speciesparag New Member

    hey i did not make any partitions in my card,
    adjusted swapper2 for 512 of memory
    then wait till it makes a swap file
    chk swap memory by using info from setcpu app
  3. speciesparag

    speciesparag New Member

    playing temple run and angry birds
  4. rahulbuddy

    rahulbuddy Member


    This is correct location for your swap file.

    Now how to configure it,

    1. Open Swapper2
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Go to Advanced Preferences
    4. Tick use swap partition
    5. Untick Recreate swap file and Reformat swap (if already unticked then ignore it)
    6. Back
    7. Tick run swapper at startup
    8. Set swappiness amount to "60 (system default")
    9. Now back to main screen
    10. Click ON
    11. Once done directly press HOME button i.e. don't close it

    Enjoy :)

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