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  1. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    We are new to the ideapad K1 tablet, and we do not know how to use the SD card we put in it. We would like to save pictures to it, and dont know how. We are used to a regular PC that window explorer to find files and make folders to save to, but we have no idea how to do this with the K1 lenovo tablet. The SD card is a 16gb, and our operating system is 3.2 android. We would appreciate any information that could help us, as the instructions that come with it is no help.
    Thanks , Joe

  2. MPWheeler

    MPWheeler Member

    This is pretty easy.

    1. Go to home screen and at the top right press Apps.
    2. Scroll your finger left and find the File Mgmt. App and press it.
    3. Scroll your finger up and find the external-sd folder and press on it.
    4. On the top right click Operations, then New Folder. Type in a name like Photos or Pictures or what ever you want to call it.
    5. You should now be able to copy or move photos to this folder.

    I'm not sure where the location of the photos you want to save. If they are on the tablets camera you could copy or move them to the external sd card.
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  3. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    thank you for you information, we are trying it and it seems to work like you said. We made the folder, and hope it is saving it to the sd card. It would be great if they had a setting that when you take a picture, instead of going to internal memory in the app called gallery, it would save it straight to the sd card. Thanks so much for your help.
  4. MPWheeler

    MPWheeler Member

    Use the File Manager and go to the external_sd folder and see if your folder has files in it.
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  5. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    We did try all you suggested , but still pretty much confused by the way it is setup, It seems it does not know the differnece between a SD card , or an external SD card, or a mini card. When I take a picture lets say of the christmas tree, it always saves to a folder or a app called GALLERY. When you turn on the camera, in the settings at the bottom of the camera page, my wife even made sure the little SD card thing is slid toward the SD card figure, On the other side of it , it has a little picture of a camera with a sd card image on the camera. we do not have it set at that, or should we have it set at that? Your help is always appreciated
  6. MPWheeler

    MPWheeler Member

    I had problems getting my micro SD card to seat correctly. If I remember correctly after pushing it in I had to push down gently on the end of the card to get it to lock into place. Otherwise it kept springing out of the slot. After it locked into place I got a message saying something like "Do not remove the SD card without unmounting it. Data may be lost otherwise." Once I saw that I knew I had it mounted correctly.

    The location of the photos taken with the camera on the K1 are stored in the Local Storage/DCIM/Camera folder. The Gallery just shows you what photos you have on the K1. Open the file manager and go to the Local Storage/DCIM/Camera folder. You should see small thumbnails of the photos you have taken.

    To move them to the external_sd card do the following:

    1. From the Local Storage/DCIM/Camera folder click Edit on the top right. Use your finger and press the thumbnail of the photo you want to move and a checkmark should appear on the thumbnail. Continue putting checkmarks on the thumbnails you want to move.
    2. Now select Operation, Move on the top right menu.
    3. Now hit the back arrow on the top left and go back to the Local Storage/ folder.
    4. Now click external_sd/Photos (or whatever you named the folder) Once in the folder you want to move the photos to, select Operation, Paste. You should see thumbnails of all the photos you put checkmarks on. If you go back to the Local Storage/DCIM/Camera folder, the thumbnails of the photos should be gone. If you see thumbnails in the external_sd/Photos folder you have moved them successfully.

    I hope this helps.

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  7. MPWheeler

    MPWheeler Member

    I took a few photos with the K1 and this is what I found out where the photos are stored.

    When in the camera capture screen, on the bottom right, when the slider is moved to the Right, on the Camera/SD icon, photos are placed in the
    Local Storage/DCIM/Camera folder.

    When the slider is moved to the Left, on the SD icon, photos are placed in the
    Local Storage/external_sd/DCIM/Camera folder.

    Hopefully this clears things up.

  8. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    What a great explanation, I will try all of the above and I should be able to get it right and hopefully understand this tablet.Thank you for all your support, if you ever have time, maybe you can look at my other post in support not to far down from this one, it is about Java and GPS signal. The gps does not work unless I am on my wireless network at my house. If I go down the street it looses where I am located and says it is searcching for gps signal, thats all it does forever. Does the tablet have a dedicated gps signal or do I have to do bluetooth with my wifes phone or similar device,

    The Java is checked as enabled, but my wife experienced a problem with it on internet saying it is not enabled. Any thoughts on that, because she can not log on or in to her meetings, she is a notarty, and it is disappointing.

    Thank you for all your help, you have been very informitive.

  9. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    Mike I printed out your instructions and my sd card nightmare is OVER. It works just you like said. Cannot thank you enough, for guiding me through it.

  10. hmsinutah

    hmsinutah New Member

    I had the same question but mine was regarding my movies and music. I have no problem moving them to the SD card but, I am not sure how to get the apps that I use to view/listen to them know to go to the SD card to find them. Would appreciate any help I can get on this.
    Thanks in advance,
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