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  1. The date is not displayed in the notification bar of my Samsung Moment, only the time, connection, and notifications. Does anyone know how to change this so that the notification bar displays the month, day, and day of the week? Thanks.

  2. on empty notification bar to display date; ie. August 21, 2010. However day of week is not displayed...does anyone know how to change this? Thanks.
  3. monkkai

    monkkai New Member

    I to have been looking for a way to put the day of the week in the notification bar. Only solution I can think of is make a calendar warning for each day of the week an have it labeled as such, continuing every week on that day. Set start and end time at 12am, this way the notification will be posted asap, and removed as soon as the day ends, and the next day should just overlap.

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