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How to view geotagged picturesSupport

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  1. MartinMoth

    MartinMoth New Member

    About geotagging pictures:

    I can set an option to geotag pictures in the camera settings. But they still seem to be normal JPEG files. How can I see where a given geotagged picture is actually taken? In Google Earth? How?

  2. ZeldaLover

    ZeldaLover Member

    I'm also confusing with this on my HTC wildfire s :(
  3. pebbles068

    pebbles068 New Member

    how do i get the geotag to work on my htc wild fire s
  4. SeanMartin

    SeanMartin New Member

    Depending on what photo viewing app you have this may differ slightly, I use quick pic and when viewing the photo press the menu key and then more, then 'show in map'. On the standard gallery app for the phone you just press menu key when viewing the photo and 'show on map' is right there. I use the standard maps app for viewing the location.
    Hope this helps you.

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