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How to view missed calls

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  1. DMGullette

    DMGullette Member

    I recently googled this and found no answers.
    However today I accidently figured it out.

    Click on the green Call butoon.
    At the top you will see 4 tabs.
    Dialer, Recent, Contacts and Favorites.
    Just below the 4 tabs is a horizontal bar that should say All Calls on the left. But on the right you will see a downward arrow.
    Press and drag the arrow downward and a window will pop open.
    In that window will be 4 choices to pick.
    All calls, Missed calls, Recieved calls and Outgoing calls.

    This should work on all Android phones.

  2. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    Click green call button > Click recent > right under favorites should be an arrow, click that and select Missed Calls

    Oh wait you figured it out...uh lol
  3. DMGullette

    DMGullette Member

    Well that sums it up in short.

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