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  1. matthewsie

    matthewsie New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 17, 2010
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    This is the firs post so hi to everyone.

    Just bought my Samsung Spica. Android: updated to 2.1.

    I cant find my head around the phone any way, but i will get there in a matter of time. But first issue I get with the device is that I cant ( or I dont know how to) connect my spica to web through 3G.

    My sim operator sim operator dont have settings for my phone, but i find this article:

    METEOR Settings

    GPRS WAP: (from Faltermyer)

    Profile Name: Meteor GPRS WAP
    IP Address:
    Homepage: http://wap.mymeteor.ie
    Port Number: 9201
    Connection Type: GPRS
    APN: wap.mymeteor.ie
    Username: my
    Password: wap

    CSD / Dial-Up WAP: (from Chillwithcian)
    Dial - up Number: +353857019999
    Call Type: ISDN
    Log in Name: My
    Password: WAP
    IP Address:
    IP Port: 9201
    Home URL: http://wap.mymeteor.ie
    Linger time: 60 seconds

    * Check customer has sufficient call credit.
    * Try switching from Analogue to ISDN or vice versa.
    * Check Dial up number (0857019999).

    MMS GPRS: (from Faltermyer)
    Profile Name: Meteor MMS
    IP Address:
    MMS Server URL / Homepage: http://mms.mymeteor.ie
    Port Number: 9201
    Connection Type: GPRS
    APN: mms.mymeteor.ie
    Username: my
    Password: mms

    Profile Name: Meteor ISP
    Connection Type: GPRS
    APN: isp.mymeteor.ie
    Username: my
    Password: isp
    IP and DNS are supplied on connection.

    WAP 2.0 Settings (from Karsini)

    GPRS (WAP 2.0):

    APN: wap.mymeteor.ie
    Homepage: http://www.mymeteor.ie
    Proxy Server:
    Port: 8799

    MMS (WAP 2.0):

    APN: mms.mymeteor.ie
    Homepage: http://mms.mymeteor.ie
    Proxy Server:
    Port: 8799"

    But i dont know what to do with it, can any body advise my step by step how to set up connection?.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Apr 14, 2010
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    You are I think referring to APN settiings n ot VPN.

    To add your APN Settings:-
    Wireless & Networks
    Mobile NetWorks
    Access Point Names
    New APN

    Add your APN settings from your provider here.

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