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  1. peterinco

    peterinco New Member

    I bought a Visual Land Prestige 7 for $100 mainly to watch downloaded tv shows and movies--I do it with a computer hooked-up to an LCD tv and wanted to do it with a different tv set. I looked into all kinds of media players and flash drive players and figured why not buy a tablet--it'll do all that stuff plus I'll have the tablet.

    I've learned that Visual Land has some bugs. The tablet went dead one day and I went through all kinds of customer service gyrations--there's no info anywhere--to do a hard reset. I also bought a Visual Land portable MP4 player because it was a good price and hooks to a tv, but it won't play the kinds of files it says it will and the tv picture is terrible. Support from Visual Land is poor (at first no phone number; unanswered e-mail).

    So before I send them both back, I want try the function that may make me keep the tablet. I can't get it to play any videos from some streaming sites I use--they're movie and sitcom sites, usually in Europe (e.g., I get all kinds of error messages and don't how to go about getting the videos to play. Can anyone help me please?

  2. peterinco

    peterinco New Member

    OK since this thread is so popular (just kidding)... I found the answer. The reason I couldn't find the simple answer is I didn't think where the videos are actually hosted. This site--watchseries--lists shows hosted at places like putlocker, sockshare etc. The answer is an app called Hubi. Easy and works great--although it didn't work at first because I didn't have a/the right video player.

    I have seen the answer to this next problem elsewhere but I'm still don't know how to do it. Apparently Visual Land doesn't include Google Play due to some licensing thing. Can anyone tell me how to install it?

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