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how to work without menu buttonGeneral

  1. appless

    appless New Member

    My xperia tablet z is my first ever android device after years with Macs. A lot of the online advice mentions a menu button which I don't think it has.

    How do I select-all without cmd-a? How do I undo without cmd-z? Surely these are basic necessities.

    I posted in the main forum but didn't get a single reply. Any help or advice gratefully received.

  2. BubbaHotepUK

    BubbaHotepUK Well-Known Member

    In Android, the menu button appears as 3 vertical dots on the application when there are menu options available for that context.

    What application are you in where you need to 'Select All'? Usually Andoird apps like file managers etc. give a 'multl-select' option in the menu.

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