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  1. JackTheKnife

    JackTheKnife Well-Known Member

    Turn off vibration during typing?

  2. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

  3. JackTheKnife

    JackTheKnife Well-Known Member

    I turned off Haptic Feedback, but when I do phone call or use a browser I still have those vibrations during typing.
  4. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    Well, when I get my phone Wednesday maybe I can find out for ya if you haven't by then.
  5. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Input > Text Input:
    Under "Other Settings" uncheck Vibrate when typing
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  6. Zino_BeholdII

    Zino_BeholdII Active Member

    I will get this phone for sure . HTC ARIA
  7. JackTheKnife

    JackTheKnife Well-Known Member

    How to move a contact from SIM to Phone?

    My wife has transferred all her contacts from her old cell to the SIM and now she wants to get them back on Aria as Phone contacts to put in the groups etc. Is it possible or she needs to type them back?

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