How tough is the Desire?

  1. trevytrev

    trevytrev Well-Known Member

    Sorry if it's a stupid question but on the packaging around the phone when it was new, it advises to take the phone out of your 'pants' (that's trousers to you and me) pocket before sitting down. Should I take that seriously? surely phones should be tough enough to have in your pocket when you sit down? obviously I don't mind at work/home but it's annoying if you're in the park/pub etc. Having said that, this is my first HTC so maybe i should heed the warning?

    also has anyone dropped theirs yet?

  2. cainey

    cainey Member

    I think the warning came from HTC due to someone cracking their Nexus One screen. HTC were "mystified" as to what caused it but advised against having it in your pants pocket when sitting down.
    I've dropped mine or rather it fell out of my jacket pocket. I had a few drinks during the day but I'm sure that's not related in any way.:rolleyes:
    It scuffed one corner of the phone but its still working fine.
  3. D!zzy

    D!zzy Member

    I dropped mine the other day but luckily it was in a leather pouch so no harm done :) I personally dont think its that delicate to crack if you sat down with the phone in your pocket unless you've got keys or something else in the same pocket.
  4. PJD007

    PJD007 Well-Known Member

    I've dropped mine twice in just over a week.

    First time after some drinking it slipped out of my hand onto a pavement in the rain !

    Got away with that one, only a slight mark on the right-hand corner which will soon be covered by a silicone case.

    The second time it slipped out of my hand on an escalator on the underground, gods knows how I got away with that one but no additional marks on it from that !

    IMO the phone is a bit slippery in the hand and therefore I think anyone who buys it should get a case which can be used while the device is in use.

    Problem is that it seems for some reason the phone accessory companies haven't got there act together and there isn't many available cases yet.
  5. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Should be fine, dropping might be disastrous tho.
  6. trevytrev

    trevytrev Well-Known Member

    cheers all. I like the fact that in only 5 posts, three of us mention drinking or the pub!
  7. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    No touchscreen device likes drops or being squashed in your pocked against change/keys etc.

    It's just sensible advice from HTC
  8. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    Buy a protector as then it should keep it alive lol
  9. HIM

    HIM Member

    What's the best protector for the Desire? Ideally I'd want one that was a) sturdy b) stylish and c) not too bulky. Oh and not too dear either.
  10. nima25

    nima25 New Member

    thats pretty much wat i look for in a women:D

    havent seen a case that takes my fancy yet for the desire,i need to find one soon though, hate having it unprotected
  11. HIM

    HIM Member

  12. jaspabt1

    jaspabt1 Well-Known Member

    It still says that it was originally for the Nexus one so i think its the exact same case that has been discussed in earlier threads. As Lekky has said, as yet i dont think any cases currently exist for the Desire
  13. declanh

    declanh Active Member

    My guess it would be especially bad to have the phone in the back pocket of jeans.
    Sitting down with this would cause the screen to flex and crack. I know of 2 people this has happened to with other phones (iphone and a hd2)
  14. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Well-Known Member

    Yeah sitting directly on it will do some damage!

    I've got into the habit of putting just my phone in my right hand pocket, my keys, change and other loose bits in my left hand pocket and my wallet in my back pocket. Oh and if you're looking for a case I got this one yesterday and it fits perfectly.

    Krusell Black/ Sand Large Luna Pouch Ideal for iPhone: Electronics & Photo

    It's also available in red, although I prefer the black!
  15. HIM

    HIM Member

    Just been reading about the shit hitting the (mobile fun) fan with regards to this item (and some others!). I think I'll steer well clear until an officially official one is released. Besides, I'm still waiting for Vodafone to deliver my phone. Ordered on Wednesday but because of the demand for the Desire it'll take 7-10 days. :mad:

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