How transfer a PDF ebook file, from my PC to my Android phoneSupport

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  1. lse123

    lse123 Well-Known Member

    How transfer a PDF ebook file, from my PC to my Android phone? After transfer, this can opened by any PDF capable App on the phone?

    sending MMS requires an email & phoneNo to send to, what is the email used for? is it delivered to it?

    recommended installing a virus security App like AVG?

    How setup my Note, all photos input to phone or other data, as MUCH as possibly can (depended from data) go to SD CARD?

  2. mgg942

    mgg942 New Member

  3. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    you can use the cable supplied to connect your Note to PC, then transfer pdf to the note :)
    Or you can send the PDF through email to yourself and then open it on the note
    Polaris Office can open PDF.
    Never tried MMS.
    you can try settings on each apps, see if they support optional storage location, and not DCIM
  4. Dominic StG

    Dominic StG New Member

    I am going to assume that you know how to connect your HTC type phone to your computer. Before you connect to your PC however, download the Adobe Reader from Google Play, the icon is present on the EVO HTC 4g Virgin Mobile. Once you've downloaded the Adobe Reader to your HTC phone, connect your phone to your PC. Make sure your phone is on "Disk Drive" and not "Charge Only". In "My Computer" or "Computer", you will see a new drive bank. Look under Downloads and then under Adobe Reader. Put your PDF files there-When you change back to "charge only" you will see the notice, "preparing SD Card": This is when your files are being transferred over to your phone. Click on the Adobe icon and there your documents (PDF) will be.

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