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How will you buy the Prime?General

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  1. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for ideas to raise the money to get a Prime within a month. Some people like myself have very little money but are desperate to buy on release day. I'm talking about the likely $300 subsidized price plus taxes.

    So far I've got:
    1) Sell my DX on CL and do so now in order to hold out for the best offer possible.
    2) Find things around my house and sell them on ebay or CL.

    Any creative and LEGAL ways to save up?

  2. the7nd

    the7nd Well-Known Member

    I saved up $800 dollars over the summer which was originally intended for the Bionic but then I heard about this babe.

    I feel like I might be paying a bit more than $300 though because 2 year is not up for my OG yet. ;(
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    ^^ It's 20 months for your phone renewal, not 24, fyi.
    You should call Verizon, because sometimes they have a special incentive going.
  4. Mannequins

    Mannequins Well-Known Member

    how much do you guys think the phone will be unsubsidized? I only have $350-$400 saved up specifically for a phone (bills suck!) but then. I plan on selling some things including
    -Droid x $100-$150
    -Semi old dual core laptop $150
    -Longboard $80-$100
    -Other random things I have in mind. $50
    Hopefully It wont be any more than $600 full retail, but if it's $700 i might still be ok.
  5. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    I think that $600-$650 will be it. Surely not more. Maybe a little less.

    That's creative! Really think you'll only get $150 for your DX? I've seen it listed for $200 by many on CL Atlanta. Is your DX in good shape? IDK. I'm just hoping that I can get more than that for mine. I also have both docks, the hdmi cable, and car charger. Will probably hang on to the car charger if the Prime gets announced having micro-usb.
  6. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Well-Known Member

    I believe the unsubsidized price will be in the same ball park as the Nexus One and the Nexus S: ~$530. Nothing has changed in the Nexus program, and I don't see it changing now. Especially if Google enforces its pricing scheme across carriers. I see the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint version all being around 530, so Verizon's should be also.
  7. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Well-Known Member

    You're from Atlanta? Me too! What parts?
  8. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    To answer the OP:

    Have a yard sale.
    Deliver pizza on your offdays & off-hours.
    NOT RECOMMENDED BUT A SUGGESTION: Put the Prime on Plastic, then sell your DX to pay down the plastic and pay the rest of it off within a month or so. Then CUT UP THE CARD!

    BTW Atlanta??? I was born & raised in East Point/College Park! I hope that little factoid doesn't drive property values down too much... :p
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  9. Homan13PSU

    Homan13PSU Well-Known Member

    Contract on my Incredible is up at the end of January; I can wait. I'm hoping Cyanogen gives us a little CM8 love in that time frame that I can test the OS before driving.
  10. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    i'm available for a discounted upgrade. I will probably use it.

    I have two CrackBerrys i could sale and the DX i'm on now. Or i may give the DX to my fiance and sell her inc. ...that i just bought her a few weeks ago.
  11. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    I bought a Thunderbolt on launch day that renewed my 2 year Verizon contract but they still sold me a Bionic at launch at upgrade pricing with another 2 year contract no questions asked.
  12. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I think you might be able to get it and have it put on your Verizon bill, no? Then just pay it off in chunks.
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  13. darkestred

    darkestred Well-Known Member

    See if you can swing an upgrade price. Doesn't hurt to ask. Sell things on ebay. You'd be surprised (assuming you're a gadget geek) at what you don't need and what you can get for it.
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  14. rubiconjp

    rubiconjp Well-Known Member

    Upgrade to iPhone 4S, unload on EBay, then use iFan's dough to get int'l NP! :D

    <I'm on Ma Bell..>
  15. Lw00d

    Lw00d Well-Known Member

    i am buying two on launch date, one for my wife and one for myself.

    i will have to work extra hard the week before launch.
  16. VegasOnAcid

    VegasOnAcid Well-Known Member

    I have been saving an old ne2 for this very moment.. hopefully finally it is going to pay off.
  17. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    I am returning my Epic 4G Touch hopefully can wait.
  18. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes not even that long. I got my OG in Aug of last year, just last month I got a notification from verizon that I am up for an early upgrade. The 2nd phone on my plan still has to wait until 4/12.
  19. Lenerdosy

    Lenerdosy Active Member

    Really? I hate how Americans get such better contract deals than Canadians :mad:
  20. hannec

    hannec Member

    I do not understand this. can you guys not sign more than 1 contract at a time.
    Hope you understand me.
    Do you have to sign for a 2 year contract.
    are there not a choice? perhaps a choise of 6 months,,through,,1 year. choosing to perhaps pay a bit more.
    Please help me to understand your system. It is so different from what we have in scandinavia.
  21. MRW1215

    MRW1215 Well-Known Member

    I currently have a Thunderbolt, and I can't get an upgrade price until December of 2012, but I'm REALLY tempted to pay the off contract price for the Prime. Technically, I could swing it, as I have an okay amount in my bank account, not to mention I just got a fairly hefty inheritance after the recent passing of a relative, but still, I always hate paying so much for such frivolous stuff, especially when a new phone might be out around my upgrade period that I might like even better. Hm...

    I suppose I could sell my Thunderbolt, as I wouldn't need it if I got the Prime, but would it fetch a decent amount? I paid $200 for it, plus $50 for the extended battery, so it'd be kinda nice to recoup that (and more, if possible) and put it towards the Prime. I'd say it's in excellent condition, as well (I'm SUPER careful and neurotic about keeping my electronics looking nice), but if I'm only going to be getting $100-150 for it, that seems pretty disappointing... Ah well.
  22. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    South of Atlanta, Newnan. Oh if I only had plastic that wasn't maxed. I was without a job for a time and that took a toll on the credit card. Just one is enough! BTW....not sure how long ago you were in East Point/College Park, but it is quite a different place from what it used to be. Most of College Park is now a runway for the airport.

    I was late a few times while unemployed. So my account is likely flagged as a must pay on the spot.

    This is one of the things I'm gonna try to do. I have rounded up a few things around the house. It's really pathetic because I have other things that I should save for but that phone is a must have!

    Oh, I was just looking at my dog. She's been a pain today. I could sell her for a couple hundred probably. LOL JK :D
  23. locoandroid

    locoandroid Well-Known Member

    I'll sell my DX & D Inc
  24. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    Didn't mean to pass you up on this one.

    Basically it breaks down like this: The carriers used to offer both a 1 and 2 year contract to subsidize the phones. You could pay a little more for the phone at the 1 year contract price and many liked this. Now, most have gone to 2 year only contracts. You pay $300 for the phone instead of full price. The contract is for each line of service that you open. You can have 50 lines under separate contracts with 50 phones, but you'd be responsible for paying the monthly agreed upon rate or face an early termination fee. The early termination fee is now around $350 for all of the carriers I think. It decreases a little per month over the life of the contract. You DO have the choice to forgo any contracts. You simply pay full price for the phone that is supported by the carrier of your choice and you pay month to month. The thing is, I don't think that you get a better price if you buy at full price or not. You simply have the privilege of being able to go to another carrier at any time. Nice huh?
  25. darkestred

    darkestred Well-Known Member

    You'd get 260 easily for the TB. I plan on doing the same thing. Sell tb for hopefully around 280. Buy Prime for hopefully under 580.

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