How would you organize your phone features and applications?

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  1. TechZoe

    TechZoe New Member

    Hello Everyone, :D

    I am a student new to android and this forum. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their thoughts on how they would ideally organize their smart phone. For example:

    Would you prefer multiple screens?

    Custom named folders with personalized info, like "My Documents"

    A list view organized alphabetically or numerically

    or just the simple icons view?

    A combination? or something else?

    thanks so much! I am really interested in your input! :)

  2. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Welcome to AF.

    personally, one of the things I was used to and like from my old WinMo phones was the ability to get to a app or link via cascading menus. Much like what WisBar advance does.
    So if I wanted to go to open up let say SMS backup, I would choose Start, Programs, Utilities, SMS Backup. In Android I would have to set up a folder on the screen and choose it from there, since there really isn't a app drawer with cascading menu. Lucky that I have 7 screens on my Hero so I can have many folders to place on my home pages.

  3. TechZoe

    TechZoe New Member

    Cascading menus would be an interesting feature. How do you feel about developing finger gestures/short-cuts as a means of reaching specific files and applications quickly?

    For example let's say you open your contacts window, and the window offers you space to draw a letter or a symbol that represents someone, maybe on your speed dial.

    thank you!

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