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How you do install other language input?General

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  1. arken21

    arken21 Member

    i just bought samsung galaxy s2,international version, few days ago
    IM LOVING IT, i switched from IOS. Now im in love with android :D
    but the problem is my galaxy s2 looks like coming from Europe, it doesn't have chinese input. So im wondering if there is any method to install a factory Chinese input

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Connect to Kies and check if have update. When I got it, it didn't have Chinese input either. After the first update it did. It really depends on where you are from though.

    Else, find a language pack from market. I know its available (another friend got it before the update) but since I don't read chinese, didn't bother with it.

  3. arken21

    arken21 Member

    is it possible to "transplant" the hong kong version firmware to my galaxy s2? mine is from Europe..
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Not very sure about "transplanting" firmware. I do know that when it was launch in Malaysia, some netizens were mentioning that it was a Europe version, and that Samsung was rushing out the phone such that it didn't create a specific firmware for the locality.

    Firmware update a month later gave some local languages.

    In the mean time, I do know a friend that installed a chinese language pack before the update. Not sure how it was done, but at least can tell you it can be done. Try a google search?
  5. Assamiea

    Assamiea Member

  6. arken21

    arken21 Member

    is there any risk?
    can i still connect to kies after flash?
  7. Assamiea

    Assamiea Member

    I didn't try that, you have to read carefully construction.
    connect kies is ok, but no upgrade function.
    I always flash with Frankenstein one with and use with Touchpal.

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