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How's your battery life?General

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  1. Amaeloeze

    Amaeloeze Well-Known Member

    Was just curious to know what you think of the battery life for this phone?

  2. Larzdj323

    Larzdj323 Member

    Have had the Transform Ultra for a little over a week and it has been pretty limited in longevity. First off, it takes forever to charge! I put it on charge, a few hours later it is at 90%! When the battery is topped off I get about 6 hours of occasional email checking and a couple of 20 minute conversations. After it is unplugged on a full charge it is down below 90% in less than 20 minutes. My wife is experiencing the same on her Transform. Before this I had a Moto Droid 1, batter wasn't stellar there either but it lasted about 50% longer than the Transform. Besides battery...the phone is awesome! Much better user experience than my old Droid! Menus are quick, everything is quick on this phone! Boost/Sprint is much more reliable where I live than Verizon was...overall I am happy...just need to find a better battery!
  3. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    Mine is okay. I don't have much to compare it to, but its pretty close, maybe a bit worse than the Prevail was. I have read that there is some code in the kernel put in the phone by Boost which allows them to track some phone usage data and that it dramatically reduces battery life. Supposedly on the Prevail, removing this code doubled the battery life. Hopefully the Android gurus on here will get to hacking the TU soon and gut that code so we can get better battery life as well.
  4. dmusiz

    dmusiz Member

    And the phone is not even activated yet,maybe since I have a blackberry now that is why it may seem so bad but WOW it's crazy.
  5. Big Rik

    Big Rik Member

    I've found it to be completely contrary to all the reviews I read, which suggested a day and half of average usage.
    I barely get 6 hours, which is maybe a couple of 5 minute conversations, some mail checking and a couple of minutes of surfing. Very light usage.
    I've got battery defender so it does nothing overnight, but when it's active, it's certainly a drain.
    My previous BB's certainly outperformed in this area.
  6. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    I get about 15 hours with medium use... I'm sure we will get much better battery use with the new custom roms, many bloatware and system aps that run continuly use about 80% of my. Battery
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  7. prmlscreem

    prmlscreem Member

    mine was fine till last week...now it just seems to die all the time..only had the phone a little over a month
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  8. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    what app did you install?
  9. sr17091

    sr17091 Well-Known Member

    install JuiceDefender. i use my phone a lot. i charge it from 11:30 pm to 6:00 am and 100%. at around 9:00 pm the battery is at 30% to 40%
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  10. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    juicedefender definitely. set to "balanced" profile it saves about x1.8 of my battery. there are other things u can do, most of these i found on xda.com
    in phone settings:
    set your screen brightness to auto
    uncheck notification flash
    lower times for your screen timeout and keyboard backlight timeout
    in accounts and sync uncheck autosync and background data (u will have to recheck if u want to use the market)

    also be careful with bluetooth and wifi, they drain a lot of battery.
    you can find apps like setpcu which will underclock your phone, but dont mess with that unless you know what you are doing.

    thanks to smith058 if you flash his rom, ciq (the code sprint put in to collect data) will be disabled saving lots of battery

    using all the above except underclocking i still have about 30 - 40 %
    battery left at the end of the work day with moderate use

    my thanks to (in no particular order) interdpth, smith058, mavrikmeercat, weirdfate, chevanlol360 for all their hard work
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  11. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    From 6am to 2pm i still have about 30% battery left with intermediate usage. Which is not bad, about 8 hours of battery. I use juicedefender it helps a lot.
  12. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    i ran it like a laptop and unpluged at 7 am had 20% left at 6 pm with alot of talking and playing . i noticed if i use the bluetooth the talking dont kill it so fast.
  13. i have the TU as well. 20% of the battery life is gone after 1 hr of being unplugged. Ive tried 3 different task killers and memory boosters. tried them together and alone on different days. no improvement. i stopped the auto start for most of the applications i done use and froze the ones i don't use at all and cant uninstall, but have not noticed any change.

    i gave up on trying to increase the battery life and am using juice defender, advanced task killer pro, and memory booster at the same time just to be able to have my battery life last 3/4 of the day.

    if anyone has suggestions i am open to feed back on how to improve my battery life.

    actually id appreciate it a lot :)
  14. j61101

    j61101 Well-Known Member

    My suggestion is that you not run all those cleaners all the time. Yes they are suppose to help with battery life but you also have to consider that any process that is continually running (foreground or background) will use your CPU which in turn uses up your battery. So instead of running those all the time choose to use them once in a while and do your process cleaning manually instead of setting them to do it for you. Am i understanding what you were saying? Hope this helps.
  15. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    Been up 15hrs :eek:
  16. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    Whats your usage been like DMajor? I can't dream of that without being in airplane mode for at least 10 of those hours and I run juice defender ultimate and save over 2x.

    My battery life is similar to others in this thread, I'm not happy with it but it seems on par with any other smartphone I've had... I'm waiting for the day when I can use the phone all day long and still have 30% battery left when I plug it in when I go to bed, then I will be happy.
  17. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    To be honest I have no clue. I had it disconnected since 6:01 AM with light usage. Maybe it's because I was using Battery Saver
  18. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

    its a very common issue for most of the newer smart phones, faster processors drain more battery life..slower processor..well no one wants them :)
    they will have to research on making better batteries. only this that works i to see if you can find a bigger battery, more MAH (which requires diffrent casing too).
  19. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

    and yes turn off wifi, BT, GPS, lower screen brightness.....but this is all you can do....killing some background apps help some but not much.
  20. antmon

    antmon Well-Known Member

    just rooted my friend's and have setcpu running ondemand and juicedefender with the balanced setting...

    he has been getting a full day's charge out of it with moderate use, but i have to see exactly what he's doing... my guess is the battery is lasting really long because he hooks up to his work's wifi all day.
  21. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    Having your cellphone in airplane mode also helps if you have low signal.
  22. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    As I mentioned in another thread not sure about you guys but on my phone auto-brightness makes so little impact on battery life that I don't find it worth the hassle of having on. I run full brightness at all times except when in a room with no lights (because then its too bright for me) and my screen still only amounts to 2% of my battery consumption.
  23. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    i say it does help but not by much.
  24. cheech4

    cheech4 Well-Known Member

    today my phone is at 70% from 7am to 7pm, just making few calls and texting GF all day. but even when i use it heavily my battery life isn't bad at all. All i do is set brightness to auto and when im inside my home which is where i am mostly i leave WiFi on and shut off 3G service. then when i go out i shut off WiFi and turn on 3G, i sometimes get a full 24 hour day and few more hours if left uncharged.
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  25. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    I recommend Juice Defender :)

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