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    The startup sound of the HTC Evo 4G is one of the few things I find annoying about the phone. The fact that even plugging headphones into the Evo does not stop the sound is lame. Here's how you can disable it.

    1. Your phone must be rooted with Toast's method
    2. You must be familiar with ADB and Toast's custom recovery.
    If you need more information on Toast's root and recovery, read this {tutorial} how to root \0/ - xda-developers

    Disable Startup Sound
    1. Connect your Evo to your computer thru usb and Enable USB debugging on the Evo.
    2. Reboot into recovery. In a commandline do: adb reboot recovery
    3. Start toast's custom recovery by running recovery-windows.bat as Administrator (or the equivalent for Linux and Mac). Do this by right-clicking on the recovery-windows.BAT file and choose Run as Administrator.
    4. Use a different commandline and do: adb shell
    5. Mount the system partition by doing: mount /system
    6. Go into first folder: cd /system/media
    7. rename the mp3 file: mv android_audio.mp3 android_audio.mp3.bak
    8. Go into 2nd director: cd /system/customize/resource
    9. Rename the mp3 file: mv SPC_animation_final.mp3 SPC_animation_final.mp3.bak
    10. You're done! Reboot: reboot

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  2. jgangsta

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    great post as i hate startup files but will backup before delete
  3. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Well-Known Member

    Hmm I wonder if getting rid of the bootanimation and startup sounds will actually make boot up quicker?

    I only thought of it as killing an annoyance.
  4. iamfunkyz

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    If you put the phone on vibrate/silent before turning it off, it won't play when you turn it back on.
  5. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Well-Known Member

    Yes I actually mentioned that in the video, but it was still uploading when you commented.
  6. pingpongboss

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    Hmmm worked for my EVO. Thanks for the tip Barats.
  10. bhoth

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    Work's on mine! Thanks!
  11. NeoEVO

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    Yep, Silent Boot kicks in after a couple of shut-down & restart cycles. Sprint's bells just reminds me of how much as I hate Sprint.
  12. dvrdwn

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    any way to disable the start up sound.
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    Try the search feature, Ive seen countless threads on how to disable the sound, change the whole startup graphics etc.
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    Yup..one of a few apps I have seen that kill the start sound
  19. murphdsurf

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    So i just ADB'ed into my EVO and got rid of that annoying startup sound. Yeaaahhhh!
    Peace of mind at last. :) Thx PingPongBoss!!!

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