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HowTo get album art to display on Samsung i5700.Support

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  1. globetrotterdk

    globetrotterdk Active Member

    I recently purchased a micro SDHC card for my Galaxy Lite. I have now transfered some of my old .mp3 files from when I used OS X and iTunes, as well as some newly ripped .ogg files. The .mp3 files seem to have had album art embedded somehow, so the album art for some of the files appears properly. Other .mp3 files and my .ogg files don't seem to have any album art. What do I need to do to get all of the files to display album art? I am using Linux Mint 7 (Ubuntu based distro).

  2. pinkllama

    pinkllama Member

    i'm pretty sure ogg files aren't supported.

    i use mp3tag to embed all album art into music files - works fine with my i5700
  3. globetrotterdk

    globetrotterdk Active Member

    Ogg files are supported. They play just fine on my mobile.

    Unfortunately mp3tag is a Windows program and I am using Linux. What does mp3tag do? Does it allow you to embed album art, or does it download the album art as separate .jpg files?
  4. pinkllama

    pinkllama Member

    mp3tag embeds jpegs into each song.

    i was interested to hear that the i5700 supports ogg files. i've downloaded the latest oggvorbis codec to use with dbpoweramp and converted a FLAC album(which contained album art) to ogg. after conversion the album art has been removed.

    the codec info below states that oggvorbis does not support album art.

    do you have original uncompressed files? if so you could try one of the other ogg codecs, lancer etc. to see if they support album art.

    Supported by this Codec

    • Encoding: Yes [.ogg]
    • Multi-processor Encoding: Yes (with dBpoweramp reference)
    • Decoding: Yes [.ogg]
    • ID Tag Reading: Yes [Vorbis Comments]
    • ID Tag Writing: Yes [Vorbis Comments]
    • Unicode Tagging:Yes
    • Supports Album Art: No
    • Gapless Encoding & Decoding: Yes
    • Explorer Audio Popup Information: Yes
    • Explorer Columns: Yes
    • Unicode Filenames: Yes

    this page may help you with embedding album art on linux.
    Linux Embedding Album Art - Ubuntu Forums

    or you could just download museek from the android market and it'll download all album art for you.

  5. globetrotterdk

    globetrotterdk Active Member

    I think I have found an excellent solution. A description of how Banshee works with Android phones is located here. There is a catch though - it seems that Banshee doesn't recognize my mobile as an Android phone. Nothing happens when I have the phone connected via USB (with the micro SDHC card mounted). Banshee doesn't display the iTunes'esque interface shown at the above URL. Sigh.

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