HOWTO: Install Missing Android Market on XPERIA X10 MiniTips

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  1. diadroid

    diadroid New Member

    I successfully installed the market in my mini pro, rooting with z4root was the solution
    however, i noticed that there are some apps missing from the market
    for example: skype, google earth, the moron test.
    any idea whats going on?

  2. imageisstyle

    imageisstyle New Member

    Great job crazydip! You're instructions were great, I had to reread a few times, but got it going. I did have to use z4root, but from there it was straight. I know have the Market and it is great! I recently received my new LiveView, but could not get the plugins, but now it is awesome since the Market is active on my phone.
    Also, for everyone else, I have the X10i Mini Pro, and crazydip's directions do work, you just need z4root.apk, which I just went ahead and attached to this post. I love my Xperia X10i Mini Pro, and now with the Market and LiveView, it's even more of an awesome Android! Thanks again crazydip.

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  3. ibosslady

    ibosslady New Member

    step 6 keeps failing for meee...what should i do?
    oh and i have the sony ericsson x10 mini pro android 2.1
  4. ibosslady

    ibosslady New Member

    OMGGGG i got it 2 WORK!!! i used the z4root!....I LOVE EVERYBODY IN THIS FORUM (no homo) lol..thanks a milli
  5. nabeelally

    nabeelally New Member

    Awesome dude it works on my x10i with 2.1 kudos
  6. kaaaydeee

    kaaaydeee New Member

    Hay buddy,
    I have installed 2.1 ver in my X10, but it's not working. Help me to find the way to instal Market in my xperia x10 to feel real touch of my phone...

  7. drunkboy_bg

    drunkboy_bg New Member


    Thanks for the great description, I've managed to install the market on Mini Pro running on version 2.1. From my experience I can say that it seems that Universal AndRoot doesn't do the job with the root, it doesn't seem compitable with 2.1. I have used z4root and it worked as exected.

    Thanks again :)
  8. mellz

    mellz New Member

    I tried both on my Flytouch 2 10.2" tablet running Android 2.1
    Each would install, but when I tried to run, Market opened and instantly force closed.

  9. manzanofab

    manzanofab New Member

    Hi I hope anyone can help me with the following i have done most of the steps,but when i do the soft root it looks like nothing happens (show over the selection of superuser for android 20 - 22)
    failed!--fu goo --
    them if i go to androotfile if i try to move or do step 9 it shows me the following message
    "could not acquire root access. you need a rooted phone to run androotfile, if your phone is already rooted please make sure androotfilehas enough permissions to execute su command"
    please some help i feel that i am too close to give up!

  10. crazydip

    crazydip Active Member

    Updated the guide to reflect some of the comments given in this thread - especially the ones about 2.1. Now the guide will guide both 1.6 and 2.1 users.

    If you have installed the Market but have noticed a few applications missing, this is because some applications are not compatible with Xperia X10 Mini due to its screen size (resolution).

    Anyway, thank you everyone for all of your comments and encouragement! Big thank you to everyone who gave additional advice and helped their fellow Android owners.

    What Android version are you using? If 2.1, reread the guide because I have updated it with new root instructions. If rooting does not work, search for a different root app.

    WARNING: The latest 2.1 update (2.0.2.A.0.24) DISABLES rooting!! If you install this version, you will not be able to root your phone. You will not be able to install the Android Market. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.0.2.A.0.24 before installing the Android Market!!
  11. calipm

    calipm New Member

    Can anyone confirm that updating to 2.0.2.A.0.24 will not wipe the Android Market off with no future way of restoring it? Has anyone actually tried it? I'm scared to update now that I finally got things working pretty well. Many thanks.
  12. gniygnil

    gniygnil New Member

    How to copy the vending.apk file?
  13. djuma82

    djuma82 New Member

  14. janice_ying

    janice_ying New Member

    I had installed my android market but I cant open my it. When i press it, it keep on pop out a thing say 'The application market has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.' What can i do?
  15. janice_ying

    janice_ying New Member

    Where can I find the directory structure?
  16. crazydip

    crazydip Active Member

    Works without problems. Just make sure your Android Market works BEFORE you upgrade. If it works, it is OK to upgrade. I did and everything is working great!

    You may have to remove the cache of Google Services and the Market. I explain how to do this in a post above.
  17. nsujith

    nsujith New Member

    I had installed Market following your instructions before and it has been working well till today when I was prompted to upgrade to 2.0.2.A.0.24 after which the Market app disappeared from the homescreen :(

    What do?
  18. genre

    genre New Member

    Hi guys im stock in running the z4root so many times it always prompted;
    Sorry! "The application z4root (process com.z4mod.z4root) has stop unexpectedly please try again." i got x10 mini 2.1 by the way. please help thanks in advance!
  19. nsujith

    nsujith New Member

    That's because you might have upgraded to the latest firmware build number 2.0.2.A.0.24. You would not able to root using z4 if you have.

    So, for rooting follow the instructions on this page, and then come back here to install Market.

    It should work.
  20. big67

    big67 New Member

    Thanks for this great info! I have tried all of the steps above, got the marketplace installed. But when I try and download apps, it just says "starting download" and goes nowhere.
    I also get a blue screen that says "The application Market(process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
    What do I do?
  21. EphraimD

    EphraimD New Member

    Hi. does it mean that if i follow the link you've given to root my phone(2.0.2.A.0.24) I can now get my phone an AM?
  22. faregon

    faregon New Member

    2 times installed Android market trough this guide ! Wonderful work man Thx alot :) Hope Google comes to mind soon and makes the application open aswell :confused::confused:
  23. crazydip

    crazydip Active Member

    If you successfully installed Android Market but it crashes or will freeze during download or install, then make sure you:
    1) disable root - I had to unroot my phone for the Market to work and restart your phone
    2) clear your Google cache by following my instructions in post #25.
  24. EphraimD

    EphraimD New Member


    So i can root my phone to get android market and unroot it and still get the android market?
  25. EphraimD

    EphraimD New Member

    thanks alot crazydip! I've manage to install the market on the latest x10 firmware. :)

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