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  1. chirantha7777

    chirantha7777 Member

    So many including me are looking for the flash player for Galaxy S2 ICS (I got the phone with ICS 4.0.3 preinstalled).

    After many days trying to find it I found the Flash Player for Galaxy S2. The thing is the Flash player APK's I got didn't install on my phone for some reason... I got the "Install" prompt but when I click Install the button won't click! weird...

    To yesterday going though the web I ran into this cool site : Home | Aptoide Mobile - Own Your Android Market

    After installing their software I successfully installed the stupid flash player from there site and was finally able to watch live TV!!! :D I hopes this stops the fire in many S2 users.

    I finally have a Galaxy S2 with Flash Player 11 :D:D

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  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Google Flash Player v11.1 is still available on the Google Play Store if you live in the UK. I believe that it has been withdrawn/discontinued for other areas though.
  3. flvtdoc

    flvtdoc New Member

    Thanks for your help. This worked like a charm on my Galaxy S2. The phone was replaced under warrantee and came with ICS. I was disappointed to have lost my flash player. Now I am thankful to have it back again.
  4. tanigsm

    tanigsm New Member

    which exactly files you instal? i have S2 4.0.3 too.install many flash player from this site but not work.


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