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[HOWTO] Tether nativelyTips

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  1. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    Note: This is akin to the usual backdoor ways of tethering feature phones without adding the mobile connect feature... standard disclaimers apply, and I'll let the rest of you work on that discussion...

    I saw the ##778 tip on another thread for the Eris, and figured it would work... ;)

    1) Dial ##778, SEND
    2) EPST dialog comes up. Select 'Edit Mode'. Enter SPC (000000), hit OK.
    3) Scroll to down to 'Security', select it. Change 'S.IP DUN User name' to yourvzwnumber@vzw3g.com (from yourvzwnumber@dun.vzw3g.com)
    4) Hit back arrow to go back and go/select 'M.IP Default Profile'. Change 'DUN NAI' to yourvzwnumber@vzw3g.com (from yourvzwnumber@dun.vzw3g.com)
    5) Hit menu button, and 'Commit Modifications', phone will save changes and reboot.

    Modem drivers can be found on VZAccess Manager for Windows XP/Vista/7 -- the VZAccess executable will install the drivers when it first runs before launching its installshield runtime. No need to continue and install the actual software. *nix people can use their built in PPP dialers once they set up the right USB connection parameters to detect the phone as a modem.

    Edit: This should help for Ubuntu users and possibly other Linux users: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=343989

    Not sure about MAC OS users, perhaps someone else can comment.

    This uses the 'Mobile broadband connect' option of USB connection. Simply make a DUN connection using the HTC USB Modem and dial #777. No need for username/password... can leave those blank.

    Enjoy! ;)

  2. FlyPenFly

    FlyPenFly Well-Known Member

    Hmmm wonder about bluetooth?
  3. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member

    I'm not looking to start an ethical debate but - just so folks aren't caught unaware...

    The "standard disclaimer" is that you are using a for-fee VZW service without paying for it if you set this up. This is different than using something like EasyTether or PDANet in that those services are not offered by, but have not been prohibited by, VZW.

    Whether that bothers you or changes what you do with the information is entirley up to you.
  4. vjetti

    vjetti Active Member

    Some eager beaver gonna try it out?? And let us know how it works...
  5. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    What's the point of this? Does it offer something that PDANet doesn't?
  6. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    I'm an eager beaver very much willing to try, however I need to sort out my linux issue so I can boot back into windows 7. Anyone know if this (or any other tethering service for that matter) is compatible with Ubuntu?
  7. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    OP here.

    It should, yes.. as long as you can talk to the modem through usb its just a matter of dialing and youre good to go. I made it work when i had a feature phone.. maybe the lg dare or other similar one. If you search on ubuntuforums you'll probably find a howto to set it up correctly.

    Edit: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=343989 <-- this should help for ubuntu :) I tried the second method of usbserial when I originally did it.

    Also for the poster that mentioned bluetooth.. nope.. unless someone writes an app that creates a bluetooth dun profile that redirects the data accordingly.. if you want bt tethering stick with pdanet

    The other point.. why is this useful over pdanet and easytether? It doesbt require installing anything else on the phone and computer. And yes.. it works. Wouldn't have posted otherwise... ;) carry on...
  8. Bundy

    Bundy Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Personally, I wouldn't do this because you're actually "hacking" VZW. I would use one of the other apps (PDANet/EasyTether) because all those do is give me access to something I'm already paying for (unlimited data). But to use a backdoor to change account settings in the VZW system is a line I would never cross. But to each thier own I guess.
  9. rockstar323

    rockstar323 Well-Known Member

    By doing this youre changing the way your data connection contacts Verizon. There is a good possibility that Verizon can track this. Just so you know if you get caught you will be charged around $.25/kb, cant remember the exact cost it may be more though, for all data and Verizon doesnt back off of it. If you rack up thousands of dollars in charges all lines on your account will be suspended until it is paid and if its not paid they will send you to collections.

    Tethering apps that provide free or one time cost tethering like PDAnet ARE PROHIBITED by Verizon, its in the contract under the part about data connections, and you can be charged the same $.25/kb as the other method. I was told by a contact at Verizon they are able to tell if youre tethering for free by tracing your ip somehow. I was told your account has to be flagged for them to check it but if youre using massive amounts of data every month you will be flagged.

    Not trying to scare anyone just want you to know what the consequences are if you are caught.
  10. Berner

    Berner Well-Known Member

    These codes are vaguely reminiscent of the hacks used to get free internet on old Verizon dumbphones. We've come full circle.

    /wonder if my razr still works?
  11. Ender11

    Ender11 Well-Known Member

    Does that mean you wouldn't root or install custom roms either, or is the above tip 'crossing a different line' than rooting?
  12. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    OP again.

    Technically, as others have mentioned I'm pretty sure that VZW does not condone any method of tethering other than their paid service. That aside, if you rack up a lot of data, whether it'd be using pdanet, easytether, or this method, they could notice and enforce their TOS if they can somehow prove you're tethering. Other than that, the nice thing about this method is it doesn't require any extra software and can work with Linux and Windows. Mac people might have to stick with pdanet over bluetooth or this:

  13. Bundy

    Bundy Well-Known Member

    Wow. :eek: Talk about a strawman.

    One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. By rooting or installing a custom ROM, the only thing that would happen is that I would void the warranty on a product that I own. By hacking into VZW's system through a backdoor to modify account settings that they own is A) theft of service and B) a federal offense. Different line? I would definitely say "Yes."
  14. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    Clarification needed here... This method does not hack into any VZW system. It simply changes some provisioning settings locally on the phone. Basically, it makes it appear as if the data used is originating from native apps or services on the phone that happen to use network access. It is another way of circumventing the pay tethering model... same as pdanet, easytether, or any open source tunneling solution.
  15. Bundy

    Bundy Well-Known Member

    OK, maybe I'm overstating the "hack" from lack of understanding. That doesn't change the fact that you are using backdoors in VZW's system to obtain fee-based services for free though. Both are "unethical" (so is VZW charging $30/month to use service I'm already paying for IMO), but one uses proprietary systems to facilitate the end result where the other does not. Both are against the contract/user agreement, but there is an additional line being crossed, right?
  16. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member

    Since this has turned into a debate, here's the TOS (looks like my earlier asertion that VZW doesn't care about 3rd party tethers was wrong, at least on paper):

    Terms & Conditions

    Unlimited Smartphone and BlackBerry Plans and Features
    These Wireless Email plans and features cannot be used: (1) for access to the Internet, intranets or other data networks except as the device
  17. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    At any rate, debate aside, this method should work for anyone that uses Linux to be able to tether over USB cable, and does work for windows users as well without having to install other apps. :)
  18. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    Confirmed working on Win 7!
    vacaloca likes this.
  19. dsauch

    dsauch Active Member

    this only worked partially for me... after the changes I was able to dialin and connect to network. However on opening a browser I was brought to VZW page asking me to subscribe to the mobile plan...
    Which is the same result as if I was using just normal "mobile broadband" connection.
    Which makes me wonder if I installed wrong drivers somehow, or its because drivers came from htcsync...
    dont know...
  20. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    The changes probably did not commit. I kept hitting the back arrow after doing the changes thinking that the changes were saved automagically and got the same thing. Once I hit the menu button and commited the changes/rebooted the phone that vzw page did not appear anymore.
  21. dsauch

    dsauch Active Member

    you, you are right - I missed step 4 and committed only 3...

    works like a charm
  22. Mark_Venture

    Mark_Venture Member

    yes, this is exactly what we used to do on older "dumb phones" (see -> Mark_Venture's Verizon Phone Info Page and read the notes about the QPST and NVM Factory hacks)

    And there was plenty of debate back then on if this was "legal" or not, if you could get caught or not, etc. there was a LONG thread debating this on Hofo back in the day, including posts by a hand full (or less) of members who did get caught.

    When it comes to tethering on VZW, short version has always been... If you read VZW's T&C's on paper (or their web site -> Terms & Conditions ) to "legally" tether with VZW phones (after EVDO phones came out) is to subscribe to their Mobile BroadBand or BroadBand Access plans. Do it any other way, including apps like PDAnet, Tether.com, etc, violates Verizon's Terms of Service (at least on paper) so can result in termination of service and/or additional fees/high bills!! In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
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  23. swagner53

    swagner53 Well-Known Member

    will this work on a Moto Droid?
  24. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    I don't believe so. If I remember correctly the Motorola Droid does not have a native USB modem, but perhaps someone else can confirm this is the case, as I sold my Droid.
  25. BamaTide

    BamaTide Member

    I used this function on my LG Voyager, and my wife's LG Dare for years without any issues. Definately did not think it would work with my DINC, but it works perfectly!

    And to add to the debate about whether or not it's "ethical" to use this to bypass Verizon's mousetrap access fees.....We are all being charged more for their "new" plans for the exact same features that we already had. In addition, we are using the data that we already pay for in these overpriced plans.

    What is unethical is that Verizon (now THE most expensive plans of all carriers) is charging us an additional fee to use the services we already pay for, for which they also just jacked up the price for in anticipation of everyone jumping on the first decent phones they've ever provided, thus forcing us into these new higher rate plans.

    I say, as long as you aren't using it to download torrents or as your primary internet connection everyday, then it's fine and none of you will have any problems. I use it lightly for internet use when traveling where there is no connection, or when I don't want to pay a fee for a connection and it has been a huge help. Tmobile advocates for their customers to use tethering features for free on their devices....Verizon needs to let go of these garbage access fees, and just impose a fee for usage over 1GB or something.

    That's just my 2 cents though..... :D
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