[HOWTO] Wifi Direct - Use your laptop/desktop as a SoftAP for android (Reverse Tethering)

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  1. spypher

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    I've seen a few threads asking about WiFi Direct and a few others about "reverse tethering" (along with some solutions not involving wifi direct)... but I just got it working for myself and think it's a very neat feature for certain circumstances.

    Reasons: Having a janky router is one of the best reasons... I wanted to ssh to my phone while on public wifi and couldnt cause the router wouldn't allow that kinda of LAN traffic. If you have a situation where only your computer can get on a network (like just an ethernet cable), this would also be a solution.

    You can also use this for a secure connection between your phone and desktop no matter what AP you are connected to. I have setup dropbear and samba so that I do not have to have usb debugging enabled for development.

    With my Intel chipset (i dont know if it applies to all) the regular wireless connection runs concurrently with the WiFi Direct. They both show up on Currently Connected and my phone shows up with the same ip as my computer to remote sites.

    There are a few things you need to have first...
    Your phone will have to support it - I got this working with a stock SGSII, and I see that currently WiFi Direct ships with all ICS phones.
    Code (Text):
    2. on your phone
    3. Settings->Wireless and network->Wi-Fi Direct settings
    4. to make sure its supported
    Your desktop/laptop/internet connected device needs to support it. Im on a Dell i5 with intel wireless chipset. It's called Intel My WiFi Technology.
    Code (Text):
    2. on your computer
    3. Control Panels->Intel My WiFi Technology
    4. (you may need to view by small icons to see it here)
    So here's how to get it going...

    On your computer, open the Intel My WiFi Technology Utility and Enable it
    Computer-1-Enable My WiFi.png

    Pay attention to your Network Name, you'll need it in a minute

    Switch over to the phone..
    Go to Settings->Wireless and network->Wi-Fi Direct Settings
    Phone-1-Wireless and Network.png

    Tap Ok for any popups about the connection,
    then tap to enable Wi-Fi Direct
    then tap Back
    (There are other settings here, but they are for phone AP)
    Phone-2-WiFi Direct.png

    Back at the Wireless and network screen,
    tap on Wi-Fi settings.
    Make sure Wi-Fi is checked then scroll down to the WiFi Networks
    Tap the one that matches the Network Name on the Intel My Wi-Fi Utility
    Phone-3-WiFi Settings.png

    At the password dialog, tap WPS PIN
    Phone-4-WiFi Connection Setup.png

    and you will get a PIN and timer
    (ignore the Press Start thing...
    it maybe some AP configuration feature)
    Phone-5-WPS PIN.png

    Switch over to your computer
    Click on the button to Share My Internet
    then click on Add New Device
    Computer-2-Share Internet-Add Device.png

    Click on Use Wi-Fi PIN configuration
    Computer-3-Add New Device PIN.png

    Enter the PIN shown on your phone into the box on your computer and OK out...

    If it worked, you should see
    Computer-Success-Intel My WiFi Utility.png

    Here is a successful Network and Sharing Center
    (notice how there are two separate networks on the single wifi adapter, pretty cool)
    Computer-Success-Network and Sharing Center.png

    That's about it... After this you should have full internet access on your phone ... and you full, secure LAN access to it for stuff like SAMBA and SSH
    Phone-Success-SAMBA running.png

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  2. Unforgiven

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    That looks cool and something a lot of folks here could use. Thanks
  3. Ratheeshrath

    Ratheeshrath New Member

    Wonderful...... Surely I am gonna try this will report back...
    Thank you
  4. Ratheeshrath

    Ratheeshrath New Member

    unfortunately I cant work it done tried many times though......... In my samsung galaxy tab (P3100) there is no settings to configure wifi direct, just an on/off switch. and does any one know what is the PIN for this device ?
  5. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I have 7 month old Dell XPS8500 running Win 7 64 bit and it has a "3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3450 processor 3.10 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.50 GHz" chip.

    When I look at the control panel I do not have "Intel My WiFi Technology" listed. The only intel items I have listed are about Intel Proset WiFi and Intel rapid accees for hard drive.

    Does that mean that for some reason my PC does not support wifi direct or do I need to "activate" it some how?

    PS: I have a S3 from Verizon and it does not find the PC on scan.
  6. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I have an Intel 6230 WIFI Card in my XPS 8500 (not the normal card but it was installed after shipment). I see that the specs for th card say it supports "Intel My Wifi Technology" but yet that is not an option showing in the control panel. I am guessing that somehow I need to activate that feature.

    If you know how I can activate the feature I would appreciate your assistance.
  7. hogir

    hogir New Member

    i guess this software only supports intel wifi cards.
  8. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I have an Intel card so it should be working but isn't.
  9. djpindia2

    djpindia2 New Member

    I have 1645 del xps with intel(R) Wifi link 5300 AGN network adapter. Does Intel

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