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  1. imwillyoo

    imwillyoo New Member

    Just had a quick question about the HTC One X+ Rear housing.. I have the HOX+ from AT&T.

    Does anyone know if it's compatible with HTC One rear housing replacements that people sell on Ebay? I know that the guts of the phone are completely different, and I heard that AT&T versions also vary.

    Thank you for all your help. :)

  2. rfar34687

    rfar34687 New Member

    I was wondering the same and emailed one of the sellers on ebay which states that their backplate is not compatible with the AT&T version of the phone, and the guy confirmed that although the phones look identical, the white backplate they have will not fit the AT&T model. In contrast the good thing about it, is that once the backplate for that phone becomes available, it's dead simple to replace.

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