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  1. duncanhoo

    duncanhoo Well-Known Member

    My favorite app on the iphone was this calculator. Does it exist? Id pay $20 for such an application on Android.

  2. aximtreo

    aximtreo Well-Known Member

    Not $20 but certainly half that. I've resorted to carrying the real 12C with me until something comparable is released.;)
  3. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    Same - I would also pay $20 for the HP-12c.

    The iphone is quite fortunate to have multiple versions of all the HP voyager RPN calcs (HP-11c, HP-12c, HP-15c, HP-16c).

    Would love to have at least the HP-12c!!!
  4. bholt5035

    bholt5035 New Member

    I'd pay the going rate for the 12c...then this droid would be complete.
  5. duncanhoo

    duncanhoo Well-Known Member

    anyone else. i know hp actually put out one ofthe versions of the hp on the iphone. amazing to me the cult following on this calc.
  6. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    I guess it first being made in 1981, and still in production, means the HP-12C spans a few generations.

    Devices like Android phones are perfect platforms to emulate classic calculators. You can have the real one, one on your desktop, and one on your phone.
  7. GFNV

    GFNV New Member

    Hard to believe - the 12c introduced in 1980/1981 - one of the premier technologies at the time (keep in mind, no one had cell phones then)... and for it to STILL be a current product ~29 years later - amazing - what other electronic product has had anywhere near this life?

    I'd love to see a 12C Droid app. Tried downloading the RPNCalc free app, but it doesn't have a fin calc, and the website provided just errors out.
  8. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    I can't think of anything else comparable thats for sure.

    RPNCalcPro (paid) version has the financial calc - its actually pretty good.

    I think one of the reasons why we haven't seen an Android version yet is the current lack of any opensource versions of the voyager calcs. Nonpareil HP calc simulator (Nonpareil: High-Fidelity Calculator Simulator) used to have them included, but licensing issues meant they needed to be seperated out.

    I know at least one of the iphone versions is based on the Mac OS X port of Nonpareil (see InfoHP12C - hpcalc-iphone - Details about the HP-12C emulator for the iPhone - Project Hosting on Google Code)
  9. BrianR

    BrianR Well-Known Member

    I started using the 11C in Jr High - given to me by a friend that was a NASA engineer. I loved it when kids in class would ask to borrow my calculator and had no idea what was going on. 99.9% of the time, the first words out of their mouth was "Where's the equals?". lol.

    I could go for an 11C on Android.
  10. duncanhoo

    duncanhoo Well-Known Member

    Ill try it but the 12c has basicly left me incapable of using other calculators. cant teach a 35 year old dog new tricks...
  11. dirks

    dirks Active Member

    What about the HP 48? It is using reverse polish notation, too. The android app is named 'droid48' an can be downloaded free in the market.
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  12. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    Yeah thats a really cool port as well.

    I think people like what they are used too. In the HP-12C's case, its a financial calc with RPN. The HP-48 is a complex scientific graphical calc. One of the main reasons why the voyager range of calcs were so popular was the fact they just gave you an answer without the frilly bits. And they looked kinda cool
  13. duncanhoo

    duncanhoo Well-Known Member

    the best part about the 12c is the layout and it works great on a landscape phone.
  14. hbg

    hbg Active Member

    Definitely would buy the HP12c app and hardly know anyone in finance who does not carry the 12C around. Great on the iphone not having to carry the 12C. I still have the same 12C I had in MBA school in 1979 to 1981. Amazingly great. Cannot use normal calculators anymore. It was great having exactly the same layout on the iPhone 12C. Am on withdrawal now without it in the Droid.
  15. falk

    falk Active Member

    Hi all; I'm the author of RpnCalcPro. It doesn't have the same layout as the HP12C (I intended to use it in portrait mode), but it has all the same functions except for programmability. It's $5 at present. More info at RpnCalc Pro

    I've gotten some feedback from people asking that I make they layout exactly like an HP12 in landscape mode, so I'm working on it. It's a little tricky because an android screen is much smaller than a real HP12, so squeezing it all in is rather difficult. I have it working now for the Archos, and with a little tweaking, I can get it to fit on G1 and Droid. Look for the new layout soon.

    Since I have a number of interested people here, I'd like to do a quick user survey:

    Do you use the programming functionality of the HP12? I haven't seen a need to add it to the calculator app, but I might if there's a demand.

    Do you find the HP12's n,i,PV,PMT,FV functions ambiguous? That is, do you have trouble knowing if the key will enter a value, or compute it? (I added a "Find" key to my calculator to remove the ambiguity, but maybe it's not needed.)

    Also: the cash-flow calculations (Cf0, Cfi, etc.) Do you ever use these? Do you edit the stored values? Do you change the Ni values?

    Other differences between the android app and the real thing: I have 20 memories, whereas I think the real one only has 10. The stack has 16 levels instead of 4. Statistics have their own registers rather than being stored in the main memory registers. I'm going to guess this doesn't cause anybody problems.

    In general, I'm interested in whatever feedback you might have.

    -ed falk
  16. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    I wonder, given the current lack of opensource options for a developer to create a voyager calc, if we email developers of voyager emulators for other devices & attach this forum threads http address? Just to show there is a level of interest & people are willing to actually pay for an android version.
  17. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    This sounds awesome Ed!

    I've got RpnCalc Pro & think its the closest thing possible to the voyager calcs!

    If you could mimic the programming capabilities of (say) an HP12c then I reckon that would be cool! And make it look like a HP12c then even better!!

    The Find button is an interesting one. Personally I don't think you need it. It feels like just pressing "PV" for present value (like on a 12c) is 1 less button click than "Find"->"PV" on RpnCalc Pro.
  18. duncanhoo

    duncanhoo Well-Known Member

    biggest issue to me is how the add/subtract works (different than normal calculators). once you get used to it it is impossible to use a normal calculator.
  19. falk

    falk Active Member

    Yes; the Find button is going away in the next version.

  20. Eugene

    Eugene Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded droid48 and it doesn't seem to work, just crashes.
  21. njdroid

    njdroid New Member

    Very interested in this app. I don't run programs on the 12C, so that's not a big deal for me. I don't find the keys ambiguous; I've been using them for many years. I definitely use CF0 and the other subscript and superscript keys.
    Ideally the app would look just like the 12C and still be easy to precisely hit each of the keys - I know that's a tall order. I used a 12c emulator on a Palm Treo that worked by showing only half the 12C at a time, requiring you to toggle back and forth. That really undercut the usability of it for me.
    Good luck!
  22. jasond

    jasond Member

    I'm definately on this application, could really use an RPN Calculator for my Droid I'm down loading today!

  23. jfourman

    jfourman Member

    I need to put in a vote for the CF0 CFi functions. I use them alot on my 12C. I have used the 12C from Lygea on my WinMo phone for years. Lygea is able to fit the full functionality of the 12C on a smartphone screen in both portrait and landscape. You may be able to gain inspiration from their layout.
  24. jfourman

    jfourman Member

    FYI... I received the following email response to my inquiry as to whether Lygea would be developing Android versions of their HP12C an other calculators.


    Thank you for your inquiry and for your input.

    Yes we do have plans to port all our products to the Android platform. We will let you know if we have any updates on this.

    Once again, thank you for your interest and input.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,
    Lygea Calculators
  25. palmheads

    palmheads Active Member

    Great. Cool thing is, with an emulator like this, if the iphone is anything to go by, people will own multiple versions of the same calc - simply because they can. Plenty of room for everyone.

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