HP Slate 10 HD: All Things Root Guide

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    Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have any good information to contribute, update, or correct in the root guide. Alternatively, hit the !Report button and ask a Mod to bring it to our attention.

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    HP Slate 10 HD: All Things Root Guide

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    Quick note / disclaimer: as always, you are ultimately responsible for any root-related activities on your phone.

    You should understand not only the benefits of rooting, but also any possible consequences (voided warranty, boot-loops, bricking, etc.) that might occur as a result of your root-related actions.

    AndroidForums.com / Phandroid.com, its owner, and staff are not liable for any root actions you might undertake as a result of information used from this site.

    Reading, researching, understanding, and carefully following the published steps and instructions can go a long way towards helping to make your rooting efforts a successful one.
    General Information


    • rooting guide
    • un-rooting guide
    • removing apps guide / safe apps to remove
    • various how-to guides, etc.

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    Overclocking / Underclocking / Undervolting

    • overclocking / underclocking
    • undervolting
    • related apps

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    Radios / Basebands

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  2. coolguy2

    coolguy2 New Member

    I was looking for info on how to root a HP Slate 10 HD but could not find anything specific. I managed to root it by installing SuperSU manually through ADB and then run Kingo Android ROOT to get root. Even though no HP devices are listed in the supported list, it works fine.

    After rooting is complete, it will restart and you simply need to watch for the SuperSU dialog to grant access.
  3. mikey3103

    mikey3103 New Member

    Do you have instructions on how you did this I cant seem to get my HP 10 rooted and there are no instructions for it like other devices?
  4. coolguy2

    coolguy2 New Member

    Since this is a little while back, I do not remember the details for what I did other than what I wrote above.

    Try with Kingo Android Root and see where you get from there:
    Kingo Android Root, the most reliable free Android rooting tool
  5. sdemun

    sdemun New Member

    I rooted mine with Root Master APK search Google and you'll find it

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