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HP Zeen C150 TabletGeneral

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  1. spangenberg

    spangenberg Member

    Anybody have one of these? I recently got my hand on one, and the estation c1650 printer also, and wondering if there is anybody else with on, would like root, and or wipe the device and get ride of the stupid hp touchsmart UI. it would be a dream to run a galaxy tab rom or something. I though i saw a galaxy tab floating around? a system dump maybe? But any help would be appreciated.

    I was able to work around and get USB debugging turned on, and installation of non market apps. I got dropbox, angrybirds beta, and astro filemanager installed, so there is some good news. i just really want to get rid of HP's touchsmart UI

  2. irishpride

    irishpride Well-Known Member

    From what I understand these haven't even been released yet, so it's probably going to be pretty tough finding much development on them yet.
  3. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    from what I have been able to dig up it looks kind of neat. but rather limited as well.

    if you can crack the UI thats great, but then you have a 7" tablet and a printer that kind of cost a lot of $ dont you?
  4. spangenberg

    spangenberg Member

    well i was able to bypass the UI, i got launcher pro installed so its a lot better. If i could just get the market on there it would be awesome! It is a neat little tablet, and printer, print integration is all over the android interface. The printer and tablet were, well...free, so its a nice little warm up to the galaxy tab which i'm interested in getting.
  5. drizzy26

    drizzy26 New Member

    How do you install launcher pro?
  6. AndroNet

    AndroNet New Member

    How did you get USB Debugging enabled? I have an HP Zeen and I am trying to get the Market Setup. I was going to try the same steps that people are using to setup the Google Apps on the Viewsonic G Tablet (posted by r34p3rex on XDA), however, I can't root the Zeen, and I think the limitation is because I don't have USB Debugging on.

    Did you have any updates or success getting the Market on your Zeen at all? Really, I mainly want Pandora at this point, but I'd also like to put some games on it too.

    EDIT: drizzy26, Launcher Pro was easy. That was the easiest APK to find, it's right on the Launcher Pro site.
  7. Jconway1968

    Jconway1968 New Member

    Xda developers has info on getting to the root (sort of...) I can't believe
    That more people haven't picked these up, yet. For $350 you get a quality printer and a 7 inch tablet with a lot of potential. But, we need some "experts" to truly root his thing...
  8. blkwater

    blkwater New Member

    Hello all, First let me state up front I am a Very new to Android, so please dont be angry with some the questions I post here. :eek:
    I just got my new HPeStation printer with the Zeen tab. I am enabled the run other apps menu feature.
    Do I need to turn on the DEBUGGING Mode option in order to digg deeper?
    Is there an Android Market Web site that would allow me to add apps to this device?
    I am a Mac OSX user so any tips would have to be Mac friendly.

    Thanks in advance.
  9. gsxd14e7

    gsxd14e7 New Member

    spangenberg, how did you go about doing the market set up and bypassing the UI. much appreciated if you could help me out, I am picking this guy up for a self- xmas present and I am hoping we can get a Cyanogen ROM running with a possible 2.2 Froyo version or even a 2.3 ginger bread if somehow the legacy all matches with the updates Galaxy's will get once TABLET ROMS start getting put out there. I'd say this is the most legit deal i've come across this year.

    thanks in advance sir,
  10. rasel99

    rasel99 New Member

    Finaly got mine rooted with z4root mod & don't know what next :)
  11. jer305

    jer305 New Member

    To enable USB Debugging follow the menu path below.

    Homescreen -> Menu button -> Settings -> Tools -> Advanced -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging check box
  12. bucketbass

    bucketbass Well-Known Member

    I like the zeen but the lack of the full market is a pain. But it is ok for the most part and the printer works great.

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