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HTC amaze 4g and pokemonSupport

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  1. njovicic03

    njovicic03 New Member


    i have been thinking about getting the htc amaze 4g, and i have just been wondering can it play pokemon games? ive seen videos of people playing pokemons on their androids but i haven't seen a video with the amaze. my friend has it and he cant get it. it would always crash almost instantly.

    i wanna know if anyone out there who has the phone can play


  2. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    You might be able to search reviews of the game on the Android Market. I couldn't guess which app you're referring to (so many returns on search).

    My two cents. Wait for the One X or One S.
  3. crimsonsoulz

    crimsonsoulz New Member

    if your referring to to a emulator, like gameboy advance then you shouldn't have any problems running pokemon roms.
  4. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Well-Known Member

    Wow, i saw this post and i guess im pretty late but if you want a good emulator for free follow my steps.

    1. Download SlideMe Market (its free and it has apps that the market has taken off such as GameBoid)

    2. Search For Gameboid and download it (Its Free)

    3. Now plug your phone to your PC/Mac and download the GBA_Bios.bin
    (Gameboid needs this to work.)

    4. Go to a website, probably coolroms.com and download the rom you want.

    5. Put the rom and bios.bin file into your phone.

    6. Open up Gameboid. Locate the Bios.bin file.

    7. Now open your rom and enjoy.

    Hopefully you already learned something else. But if you didnt then do this.
    Sorry again for being so late.

    BTW: I can play pokemon games and it doesnt crash. Other emulators crash but this one stays strong.

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