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  1. sm30

    sm30 Member

    I have had my HTC Amaze for about 2 months now.

    Last night I had about 50% battery life left and turned off my phone. In the morning I went to turn on my phone and it would not start up. I had to charge the battery as it was completely dead.

    This is the 2nd time it has happened. Any ideas? Or anyone else had this issue?


  2. Usually this happens due to a runaway process on your phone that consumes a lot of CPU and battery. I have had this happen on the Amaze, but I've also had it happen on other Android phones I've owned (Motorola Cliq, G2X) so I don't consider it just an Amaze or HTC problem. It could very well be a sloppily written app you downloaded on the marketplace that is not properly closing itself (and unfortunately Android does not always catch this).

    It can be hard to detect when this happens because it may or may not affect your phone's performance, but if you notice your phone is starting to drain quickly even when idle, you should probably give it a restart as a preventative measure.
  3. sm30

    sm30 Member

    Thanks for the reply it makes sense.

    Also I have not downloaded anything on the phone still fresh out of the box.
  4. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    BTW, you said "turned off" your phone at night. Sounds like you locked the screen (pressing power button), but it continues to run in standby mode. Shutting down is holding the power button until the popup menu lets you Shut down, Restart, or enter Airplane mode.

    Recommend you download SystemPanel or SystemPanel Pro (I find the pro version is worth the price for the extra functionality). The monitoring function (um, that may be one of those Pro features) lets you see what programs are consuming CPU cycles, how much, and when.... Very easy to look back over 8 hours in the morning and see if, say, CattyWumpus for Android, was pegging CPU to 10% every 30 minutes overnight, or if WackyWeather left itself running with 5% CPU utilization all night long. Don't use their "kill" function, Android generally takes care of apps when you run out of memory. But apps which continue busily operating overnight maybe should be uninstalled.

    After you've identified the apps that were causing trouble, something you can do at night is to restart the phone (hold down power button until the popup menu appears). This will get clear out apps and some data and such. Just good housekeeping that some support reps continually recommend. It would certainly get your phone ready for the next day as well as closing any apps you don't need while you (and the phone) sleep.
  5. whereweare

    whereweare New Member

    Battery never worked well for me until I installed the Android Revolution ROM and now I can go a day and a half without charge

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