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  1. SimonK

    SimonK New Member

    Hey guys!!
    I just got the HTC Amaze which from what HTC claims supposed to have the best camera ever, but the pictures quality is just horrible, it's pretty much the same with what my motorolla qlic used to produce and incomparable to the quality of the iphone camera and a bunch of new android phones I've compared it with. I've tried all the different settings, nothing helped and finally went to a tmobile store to compare pictures my phone takes with the one they have at the store - pictures quality were the same on 2 different phones. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there anything that could be done to improve it in case it isn't just my phone?

    Thank you all in advance!

  2. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    It doesn't seem any different than my Sensation's pics. I was REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping this would take great macro shots, but it focuses PERFECTLY for a split second then snaps out of focus when it's ready to take the shot, same as the Sensation. Not cool.
  3. khaddem

    khaddem Active Member

    so would you recommend this phone over the galaxy s2 and sensation? i've bb9700 and my wife has the sensation 4G. We are looking at buying the amaze 4G and galaxy s2.
  4. mswscco

    mswscco Member

    So far I've taken quite a few indoor pictures and they are pretty bad, mostly due to camera shake and just not a good enough sensor for low light. I've never been keen on cell phone pictures except for goofing around. Low expectations lead to minimal disappointment I guess.
  5. mswscco

    mswscco Member

    I just switched from a 9700 and was deciding between the Amaze and GS2. Both seemed to work great for the brief amount of time I tested in the store. Ultimately, I did not like how big the GS2 was and the larger screen coupled with lower resolution did not look as good to me. I've never had a touchscreen phone prior to this and the transition from blackberry to android was not without frustrations but I don't regret going with the Amaze.
  6. sdv325

    sdv325 Member

    i had an old BB9530, a first gen storm with a 3.2MP camera and well this is a welcomed upgrade. Ive found all camera phones are extremely light sensitive as every phone will be different in the same lighting conditions. I can second on the auto focus though, unless you have a very steady hand the autofocus likes to change constantly.

    Still good pictures, not great though. If you need better pictures rely on a actual camera lol, thats always been my thought. A camera phone is purely for convenience ive found
  7. SimonK

    SimonK New Member

    Agree, I wouldn't expect much haven't they advertised it as the best camera phone.. also, picture quality could, i guess, be subjective, however like I've mentioned before it does not compare to even older android phones and I'm not even talking about the iphone camera. Extremely disappointed, but do like the phone a lot in general.
  8. 2ndHalfCor

    2ndHalfCor Well-Known Member

    I take mostly outdoor photos, and for that the picture quality has been heads and shoulders better than my 5mp BB9780. I like the way it can pick out the best pictures for me. I'm not much of a photographer, but if I take a bunch of shots, it will pick out the best ones, and they're really pretty good.
  9. mswscco

    mswscco Member

    Spent a few days camping last week and as expected, outdoor pictures are much better. Perhaps even better than what I thought I'd get. One thing I don't understand, though, is why the phone has to compress the pictures so much. What's the point of an 8 MP camera if the picture's just going to be shrunk to a 1.5 MB jpeg?
  10. Jackson67

    Jackson67 New Member

    I realize this thread is a little old but thought I would respond anyway. I am fairly disappointed in the camera and video. For testing purposes there may be no lag between snapping shots but in reality there is a lot of lag due to the autofocus mechanism that will sit there and spin until it finds the focus. I've missed many shots or they came out blurred because of this. Disappointed in the video quality as well. It's better once I lower the saturation and contrast but still not so great - too sharp, artifacts. And the image stabilization is not that great either. On the positive side, it does provide very nice, saturated photos if taken outdoors and provides pleasantly accurate color rendition. All in all though I'm disappointed in the cam and vid quality in this phone since it was touted as being the best camera phone out there and supposedly better than the iPhone cam - and it's neither of these things.
  11. cgcellular

    cgcellular New Member

    I had two guys come in with the i4 and i4s and I have the htc amaze and we all took a pictures of the same thing with flash on and hands down the HTC amaze won the contest with photo quality. I am highly pleased with this device. Just downloaded spb shell 3d for it, runs excellent!
  12. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    I'm with you. I've had one handset replacement, and 3-4 factory resets, to troubleshoot an annoying cycling electronic noise during video recording. Seems to happen on all handsets (or the batch made in late September), after some use or some apps are installed.

    I've also see a discussion about the flash reflecting into the image, due to the pretty, shiny reflective bezel on the case around the lens cover.

    I think this phone has other strengths (e.g. display, case fit & finish), and HTC just wanted to hype the camera to match Apple's ballyhoo about the 4S camera. Too bad they won't disclose more about the ugly duckling ExtMicro USB port....

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