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HTC Amaze's Audio QualitySupport

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  1. SapphireGrove

    SapphireGrove Active Member

    I've been watching many reviews for this phone, especially the video quality and its audio. When it comes to video, the phone really is amazing, even without Image Stabilization. BUT, every video that I watch even at 1080p has horrible audio.

    My issue is that the audio is neither good or bad its terrible, compared to even the original Evo & Evo 3D...okay pretty much any other smartphone out there. Can someone testify that its actually worth a buy? I love the phone, but I never though audio was going to be such big issue. Thanks.

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Audio on my Amaze is pretty good in most respects. Call quality on earpiece or speaker is good, audio for music is nice, and I'm picky. Audio on phone-recorded videos is, well, phone clip audio. Never used a phone that did noticeably better.

    Overall I really, really like the Amaze and intend to use it for a long time.
  3. SapphireGrove

    SapphireGrove Active Member

  4. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    If by "video audio" you mean stereo recording, there's an annoying, cycling electronic feedback noise that I had on 3 separate handsets, have been waiting patiently for a fix from HTC. The ICS update didn't have a few hours after update, then the next day it's back. :(

    I'm reconciled to just recording in mono. But ... perhaps expecting a phone to be a great quality videocam is too far a reach for the size and quality of electronics.
  5. SapphireGrove

    SapphireGrove Active Member

    At first I thought that maybe this was a software issue that wouldn't make sense, the point is that the microphone used to record while in video is lacking. I don't think they put a lot of thought to it.

    By now I've watched videos of almost every htc phone out there, and its just this phone that has this issue. Its hardware related. Tomorrow I'll be going to a friends house and test it personally. If its the phone I'll try to record a video and upload if possible.
  6. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    By "three different handsets" I meant three separate Amaze handsets: the one I bought, and two replacements from T-Mobile.
  7. boojay

    boojay Member

    I get you on the audio issues, OP. I recently bought an Amaze and it just kills me how perfect everything else is on this phone save for that glaring flaw. HTC really dropped the ball on that one.
  8. SapphireGrove

    SapphireGrove Active Member

    Yea, since this post I've been doing more research. So far I've found that I can use a Camera Mod that doesn't compress the file. I'm not sure where to look though, I'm on different forums making sure someone has fixed this issue. Will see, if anyone wants to point me in a good direction, please do.
  9. boojay

    boojay Member

    I may have heard about that as well, but I was under the impression that was more for picture quality for photos. I didn't realize it would improve audio for video recording.

    Anyhooz, I'm currently using Energy ROM (found on XDA) and the developer said he'll be implementing that camera mod in the next build so you might wanna check that out. The ROM itself is great too!

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