HTC are aware of WiFi problems!

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  1. Curnsie

    Curnsie Active Member

    I have been so frustrated with the Legend and its shockingly poor wifi connectivity that I emailed HTC to see if there was a fix. This is their reply:

    Dear Drew, Thank you for contacting HTC Europe. We are aware of the problem and we are working on the problem. If you have any further questions please contact us again. Regards HTC.

    I hope this gives some owners hope.

    I love the Legend and Android, so I hope a fix is possible. :D


  2. erk

    erk Member

    After coming from Nokia with their habit of releasing phones full of bugs, I expected HTC to be different. It seems I was wrong. I've had an update, it certainly did nothing for the wifi or gsm reception/connectivity issues.
  3. Dog_chops

    Dog_chops Well-Known Member

    Please do not tag Nokia in the same mould as HTC. I have had millions of phones over the years, but the Legend is my first HTC. HTC is 100% better in every way, shape and form than any Nokia that I ever had.

    The last Nokia I had was an N96 - what a load of plastic crap that was. My son has a N97 mini - urgh!! He hates it.
  4. Twatko

    Twatko New Member

    Hi - I changed my home router wifi channel to channel 11 (it was on 3) and this has worked for me. Hope this helps (at least when you are at home)

    Welcome to Greenlight - Greenlight, - UK & Jersey (CI)
  5. tborutski

    tborutski New Member

    When I would connect to my wifi hotspot I would only have limited connectivity, I've found if I restart the HTC Legend, shut down and turn back on, it'll work fine.
  6. guyver_dio

    guyver_dio Well-Known Member

    It seems to be picky, my legend won't auto-connect to my router when I come home, I find I have to reset my router for it to connect and then it's usually fine. But I recently set my computer's wireless up as a hotspot instead of connecting directly to the router and it works perfectly that way.

    Little annoying but it could be worse.
  7. bphhm

    bphhm New Member

    What happened to this issue, did HTC ever return with a reason or fix for the wifi problems?

    I am having major problems myself and my legend will not connect to my wifi.
  8. rickbear

    rickbear Member

    When I had my Legend I remember there was some problems too. It's a while since so I can't realy remember what I changed bacause during time I did some changes bacause of my Wii also. After that (and still now) it works nice. So here are my router's settings:

    Unhidden SSID
    Channel 1
    b/g/n mixed mode (channel mode 20 (not 20/40))

    Because of this I can't of course max out the n-mode. But until now that has never been a problem. Maybe it will when I some day am going to use DLNA with HD content.
  9. bphhm

    bphhm New Member

    I have solved the problem. For some reason my router had switched to support only .n, but when I got it back to mixed mode everything was fine.

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