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  1. markj

    markj Active Member

    Alright, so I don't think anyone has mentioned it as of yet, and I figured why not start it..

    What is up with the ridiculous battery life on the Aria?

    Anyone have any tips on keeping it alive, aside from the obvious, like disabling GPS, Bluetooth, etc. etc.

    What is your take on killing tasks? Disregarding memory, do you see any impact on battery performance by using a task killer?

    I personally am extremely disappointed with the battery life of my Aria. I got the phone yesterday, left it on the charger over night, took it off at 11:30 this morning, and after NOT using Wi-Fi and NOT using data the whole day (just texting), my battery was at 16% by 8 PM. It's currently sitting on the charger right now.

    Anyone else?

  2. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    Well, your first problem is that the battery has to be "broken in". You need to do at least one full discharge. That means you let your phone die, not just get low. You got your phone at half charge when you got it. You're supposed to let it full discharge, then charge it fully before taking it off, then move on to regular charging. It takes a day or two before you'll be experiencing normal charge times.

    If you're new to Droid, like I am, you may be surprised that just exiting out of a program doesn't necessarily turn it off. That may sound like a bug at first, but it's actually called "multitasking". It means a program can run in the background while you do other things. You have to actually close out of programs; so it's possible you have programs running that are draining your battery.

    Are you sure you have wifi/bluetooth/gps turned off? Make sure. Just because you know that's an issue doesn't mean you aren't suffering from the effect.

    What widgets do you have set up? Lots of news stuff? Are they set to update every minute because you don't want to read two hours old news everytime you turn your phone on?

    Has your phone actually died on you during the day? A lot of people get upset over coming home and seeing that they're at 20%, but they made it through the day fine. The're just upset because they see other people posting that they get home at 60%. If you're making it through your day without having your phone run out of juice, does it really matter what the number reads as?

    When you get home do you connect to wifi to avoid data bandwidth on your cell plan? Are you plugged in? What are you plugged into? Your computer so it's close if you want to use it? Are you mounting your sd card to your computer? I don't know if this is accurate or not, but I find that "charging" my phone while the sd is mounted as an accessible drive means I'm hardly charging my phone. I've had it on for hours, taken it off, and found myself at 80% pretty damn fast.
  3. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Well-Known Member

    I have absolutely no problems with my battery, in fact I highly recommend this phone to customers when they ask for a smart phone. I'm not sure what you are doing. When I get my phones, I let the battery drain all the way, then I fully charge it and don't charge it again till it goes below 10%. I only use car charges in case of emergencies. I also use Task Killer all the time. I turn off GPS and WiFi until I need it as well.

    I'd also like to add that I use my phone for work all day since I use it to call Verizon, Sprint and AT&T for issues. I play games like World War, Cestos, Project INF and Sketch Online multiple times a day and don't have to charge my phone till like 8 or 9 at night
  4. OJsakila

    OJsakila Well-Known Member

    ok..what helped my battery was a hard reset using the camera/power button way. Also, these bateries are NOT to be discharged upon first usage. At least the Moto Backflip suggests this. Specifically the manual states to go below 35% or so and then fully charge before using. Of course, there is no advice from HTC but I'm assuming this is all new technology and the "discharge method" is yesteryear's advice and does NOT apply.
    Searching on the forums suggested a hard reset like I mentioned and that did wonders...
  5. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    even I didn't do the initial resets the way you're supposed to. I find it hard to believe that there's a hard science behind it that if you don't follow then you're doomed. But, my point is that you're supposed to drain the battery at least once at one point in your first few days. Your battery needs to be broken in.
  6. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    Not a hard science but full discharge isn't going to do anything for these new bats. Hard reset might do something. just charge your bats a few time to break em in.

    My bat seems to go 7-8 hours on heavy use and about 17 18 normal use. This is after normal break in period
  7. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    Bleh double post sry
  8. ch2x

    ch2x New Member

    I have a HTC Aria on AT&T and was concerned that Maps might be streaming data as I was driving even though I was not using Navigation. So I set Tasker to kill Maps when keyguard is on. Guess what? My battery life has improved tremendously! By the end of the day, I'd still be 70% full. I love my Aria, and battery life was the only negative. It is now just about perfect...except of course it's still AT&T.

    I have tried Advanced Task Killer, and I was getting system reboots, and force closes, and multiple unexpected annoyances. Tasker allowed me to kill just that one app (Map) under a selected condition (keyguard on) and it has helped my battery life just as much, if not more.
    Turning the GPS off does not help much. It's really only on intermittently. Have it off means some apps eg weather don't work properly. Unless of course, you are using Navigation. Then you should be using a car charger!

    Battery life did get better and better over time after a couple of weeks.

    Turning WiFi off helps, and Y5 is great to automate this depending on location.

    As for draining the battery...didn't seem to work for me, but I am letting it go for two days before recharging.

    Hope this helps!

    8/24: Alright, killing Maps did not work out so well. It causes Navigation to not work sometimes. Looks like it perhaps stopped the process locationfriendservice at times. Instead, I looked at what's been running in the background in Running Services and selectively killed them and the GPS on "display off". On "display on" restart GPS. Seems to working even better so far.
  9. shrek97

    shrek97 New Member

    Ok, before hard reset, Android system used up majority of the battery, and my phone wouldn't last more than like 6 hours. Having an engineering degree, hard reset seemed unlikely to improve the battery life significantly. But it was worth trying, and guess what. My Aria last more than than full day easily!!
    Just wipe your phone out, turn off all the gps, wifi, etc, and see if your battery life improves a lot. If it does, at least your hardware is fine. If not, send it to HTC consumer service for replacement.
    After hard reset, I installed advanced task killer to auto-kill maps, navigation, etc. And it worked like magic for me.
  10. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Well-Known Member

    My sister's aria just had an odd occurrence under the Battery Use menu, it showed the Camera app as running and wiping out her battery in like three hours, but I could not find it running under Services or in any of the menus in Advanced Task Manager (so I could find nothing to end). Any ideas?
  11. AndrewAmazed

    AndrewAmazed Active Member

    Lately it feels like my battery life is getting worse and worse. Constantly going down to like 10% before I get home... which is sometimes a little nerve-racking cause I need to make calls at times.

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