HTC Aria Cracked Screen

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  1. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Nice job on the tutorials fellas, it will come in handy for some. Perhaps Cronis can put this in the sticky.

  2. MPharman

    MPharman New Member

    Just bought a new digitizer off ebay with tools included, hopefully when it comes in my surgery on my phone goes as well as the others posted. It costs me $54.95, but its being shipped from hong kong.
  3. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    I bought a ZAGG screen protector and an Amezer Black Hard Shell/Rubberized case. Hopefully I'll be drop friendly :)
  4. imorgg

    imorgg New Member

    Thank you to all the previous posters for all the information. I'm not sure what I'm more pissed about. Dropping my Aria and having the screen crack or the ding it put in a vintage 57 Gibson guitar on the way down!!

    Funny thing is I was in Best Buy yesterday looking for a gel case for it and of course because I didn't buy an i(diot)phone there's nothing available for the Aria. I ordered the new digitizer from Nationwide Cellular last night after reading the posts. I also order the little tool they recommended along with some adhesive just in case. I opted for the 4 day delivery for $20 and they automatically upgraded me to Fed Ex 2nd day for the same price. My screen will be here tomorrow morning!! I'll post some pics of the operation.

    I found this store on Ebay that has a deal on the rubber case and a car charger for $6.50 The picture looks like it covers the corners well so hopefully this is the last time I'll need to replace the screen. CAR CHARGER+SOFT SKIN BLACK CASE for ATT HTC ARIA PHONE - eBay (item 300449410327 end time Aug-23-10 14:41:08 PDT)

    Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    Dings, scuffs and scratches on vintage guitars are welcomed my friend! If you fine a cosmetically pristine vintage guitar, usually means someone was wrong with it...why else wouldn't it have normal wear and tear?

    Being around Nashville musicians daily, these guys won't go near anything "vintage" if it doesn't look used and somewhat beat up :)

    So thank your Aria for putting the ding in it as it just adds to the character of your vintage piece!
  6. cheddarbob41

    cheddarbob41 Member

    so i bought a htc aria with a cracked screen off craigslist and ordered my replacement digitizer. I got tired of waiting so i rooted it already but the cracked screen seems to want to cut me so i'm not using it anymore. But nice little purchase i thought. :D
  7. Dresser

    Dresser New Member

    How do you remove the screws? The tools they sent me do not fit and they look the same as what you received in your package.
  8. jcawesome87

    jcawesome87 New Member

    The only tool that worked was the blue wedge as I think I stated. I had to use a very tiny flat head screw driver to open mine (basically use the flat head in one of the wings of the tri-wing screws on the back and use some pressure to unscrew it). The tools shipped are generic they are not intended to always work.
  9. Manchester

    Manchester New Member

  10. vanpaep

    vanpaep New Member

    I had my Aria for about a week and a half and I dropped it from the seat of my car (Acura TL) to the concrete. It insta cracked and I was pretty pissed at myself 1. for dropping it and 2. for not buying the insurance I was asked about when I bought it. I haven't bought insurance for years because I'm pretty good with my phones and I had an iPhone for about 3 years and I don't think they offered it. I wasn't too upset when it first happened, I guess I was being a bit naive, but I was confident either ATT or HTC would replace it considering it was within 30 days. Of course neither cover physical damage but I guess I felt it shouldn't have broken from such a short distance. Maybe 2 feet max. I had done the exact same thing with my iPhone ( I have a problem with leaving my phone in between my legs when I drive then forget and get out) more times than I can count and the screen never broke. I also didn't have a case on any of my iPhones. I understand touch screens are made of glass and of course can break from any distance but I definitely feel the Aria is way more fragile than the iPhone. It almost makes me want to switch back if iOS didn't suck so bad. I think the design of the back is also not a coincidence. In my opinion the backing feels rubber and the appearance of the screws makes it "look" sturdier than it really is (false sense of security for the buyer). This is one of the reasons I didn't buy a case either.

    Anyway I understand why they aren't gonna replace it for me I guess I feel like if it were me and I was a phone maker trying to compete with the likes of Apple I would replace a phone no questions asked within the warranty. But that's just me. I appreciate everyone posting their tutorials on replacing the screen yourself but considering I only paid $120 I'm prob not gonna pay $60 to fix it, guess I'm cheap.

    The guy at Att I bought my phone from said if you have the unlimited data plan you get to upgrade yearly anyways so here's to having a cracked screen for a year!

  11. avoidatt

    avoidatt Member

    Screen came from HK.
    Installed it.
    Feeling wonderfully competent with tiny teeny phone connectors. Decent feeling.
    Notes on the above superb install instructions:

    1) Things you'll need:
    TRI 00x50 Screwdriver (call Electronic City, 818.842.5275, $4). The kit from HK comes with 3 interesting tools (1 of which you'll need, the plastic pry, as indicated above) but not the Y or Tri blade screwdriver. Search for the ProsKit Tri 00x50. A size 1 y-bit will not fit (commonly found in bit sets for security systems).
    2) Patience.
    3) Clean hands.

    New screen is in.
    I drop phones once in a while, hopefully the silly rubber thingy I put on the outside of my ARIA will give it some of the durability my old 3G iPhone has (dropped my iPhone countless times, nothing ever broke, never had a case).

    Nonetheless, I'd stay away from this phone and maybe get the Samsung as my screen replacement adventure has been expensive and frustrating.
    The feeling of installing the new screen is nice though.
  12. shadypup

    shadypup New Member

    i bet you wouldnt be such an ass if it was your phone that's broken.
  13. avoidatt

    avoidatt Member

  14. avoidatt

    avoidatt Member

  15. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Actually if I dropped my phone and broke my screen I'd have no one to blame but myself. So yeah, I'd be pissed at ME not the manufacturer of the phone.

    People drop their phones, shit happens. However when you drop your phone and blame the manufacturer for it breaking well, you're just being an idiot.
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  16. cheddarbob41

    cheddarbob41 Member

    what kinda glue would you use for this and/or where would you get it? I replaced my screen but the sticky stuff at the bottom of the phone was lost with the old screen and its not wanting to stay down. So any thoughts on where i could find that at?
  17. mr72

    mr72 New Member

    For those of you who have fixed it, does the replacement part look and perform identically to the original? Reason I ask is because my last phone had a problem breaking LCDs and the quality of the replacement parts was highly variable. Since I don't think my shattered screen will hold together very long, I was considering getting the one from Repairs Universe given the reports of 2-day delivery.

    I have the same problem (had phone 8 days, daughter drops it about 2 ft., digitizer shattered) and before I order a new part, I want to make sure it's going to be 100% functional as original. The responsive touch screen is one of the main things I like about this phone.

    On a different note, indeed there are things they could have done in the design of this phone to make a impact break like this much less likely. I would have to say any hand-held device that will shatter with a 12-24" drop is indeed faulty by design. Drops of up to 4 ft should be considered as expected and normal occurrences for any handheld device. Somehow manufacturers of thousands of other handheld devices with glass screens have figured out how to prevent this type of damage during normal use, and have been doing so for a century or more. As customers we are right to expect HTC to do a better job. I am not going to comment on my experience with AT&T customer service on this because I don't use that type of language.
  18. jcawesome87

    jcawesome87 New Member

    The screen works and looks just like the original. You can't even tell that the phone was opened.

    To the person responding about glue type: I honestly do not have a clue where to get the paste or tape that was originally used. If the cover will not stay on the phone I would personally user Krazy Glue and hope that it never happens again unless somebody can provide where to get the tape(sticky paste).

    Hope that helps
  19. yogibear32

    yogibear32 New Member

    Although the directions on here were great, i would suggest going on YouTube and follow the direction with video as it made it much easier. I just completed mine in about 35 minutes. I don't have the direct link but just put in HTC Aria take apart digitizer and it will come right up and it's by the guys from

    Good luck and hope this helps someone!

  20. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

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  21. billy565

    billy565 New Member

    I HIGHLY recommend looking at repairsuniverse's screen replacement video and using their method rather than the OP's. The tricky part (for me, at least) was getting under the board to access the digitizer plug and RU's method removes a few more pieces to make the plug access much easier.
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  22. kaih

    kaih New Member

    Add one more to the list of cracked screens. Day 17 of owning phone. Fell 3 ft onto concrete out of my phone holster when I bumped into something. I have insurance with ATT. The claim is actually handled by a 3rd party vendor Asurion. $50 deductible. They send you a new phone you send yours back.

    It starts by you calling the insurance claim number for Asurion. They ask a bunch of questions and take info. Then they direct you to a website to download an affidavit that must be notarized. You also need to send them a copy of your ID, first page of a bill and proof of phone ownership. Mail that in and they will review your case. Afterward they will allegedly call you and tell you if your claim is approved.

    I'm going on a week's vacation starting tomorrow so I won't have the phone until I get back, hopefully.

    The piece of clear packaging tape I placed over the broken glass seems to be keeping me from cutting my fingers and I can read most of the screen in the interim.
  23. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

    Glad it helped Billy
  24. vanpaep

    vanpaep New Member

    A little update on my situation. I contacted HTC and they directed me to a customer survey. At the end of the survey in the comments section I just bitched a lot about my situation. Basically said that I loved the phone and understood why physical damage is not covered under the warranty but considering it only dropped from about two feet felt it should have been replaced. And considering HTC is competing with Apple and I switched from an iphone they would do anything possible to keep me.

    About a week later the day after I almost ordered the replacement screen for $60 to replace it myself I got a call from HTC. They offered to replace my phone for free, which is awesome, but I already switched back to my iPhone. So if anyone is interested in a new Aria I have one to sell! Or if you want the cracked one I'll sell that one too so I don't have to go through the hassle of getting it fixed...
  25. Klemmons

    Klemmons New Member

    I've had my Aria for about forty days - The first day I got it, the corner cracked from just me taking off the back cover. I thought, "Awesome! Whatever, this phone's glass is flimsy but it was my fault, I won't bitch." Three days later I stuff it in my pocket with a paper clip, scratches all over it. "Awesome! Whatever, my fault." I never put my phone in my pocket with other things again. Learned my lesson. Yesterday? I sit my phone down and the corner taps the table first, BAM! Cracked the opposite corner. I thought, "Motherducker. This phone is so fragile! I have to be careful." And right after I thought that, I go to set it down but knock my hand into a lamp and drop it from about six inches from the table, the corner hits, the entire screen shatters.

    I know that dropping phones breaks them. But I had an iPhone for just about ever and it never cracked, never chipped, and hardly ever scratched. In my opinion, the Aria phone itself is great. But the glass screen blows. It's made out of thin, flimsy, soft, wannabe glass that should never be put on a phone. I called ATT and they did nothing for me. I wasn't offered insurance when I bought mine, so I tried to explain to them that they need to either stop selling them if they break so easily, or start reimbursing people for their money. They told me there is no insurance or warranty that covers "broken screens" in the first place and there's nothing they will do to fix it. WTF? That's the number one cause of broken phones and there's no coverage for it? The guy was a jerk. "Ma'am, I actually have the Aria and it's worked perfectly fine with no cracks or chips. I don't know what you're talking about." Yeah, you motherducker? In a month when it breaks, I hope you feel like a dick. :mad:

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