HTC Aria Cracked Screen

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  1. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    It really sounds to me like you got a faulty phone. I've pulled the back off my phone countless times and have never had a crack or even once thought something bad might happen to the screen. I'd contact HTC directly and see what they can do for you.

    Also... the term 'motherducker' is so awesome I think you should use it with HTC. That's a guaranteed phone replacement! :D

  2. Klemmons

    Klemmons New Member

    I bought a replacement screen for forty bucks online. It wasn't too hard to take apart and put back together with a YouTube video walking me through it. The screws inside are the tiniest screws in the entire world - so I grabbed my eyeglass screwdriver (it was still too big!) and went at it for twenty minutes until they finally unscrewed. The end result is an 8/10. There's a weird glow from the menu buttons that shines through the black paint and even shines up and around the screen which discolors your pictures at the bottom slightly. My glue almost came completely off inside, so my screen's pretty loose - but my case keeps it held together nicely. I also have some dust particles under my screen that I can't get rid of. Overall, I was very pleased with the replacement screen.
  3. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

    You can find the perfect size small Phillips screwdriver on our site here - Repair Tools for Replacement Part Installation - Torx Screwdrivers, Safe Pry

    For the "glow" if you transfer the backing from the old screen to the new on this will resolve this. It's easy to do.

    And for holding the screen in place we recommend using the adhesive strips we provide with the part, you will also find this keeps out dust from getting under the screen.
  4. bitshift

    bitshift New Member

    I got a new screen off ebay, and then found and followed the video instructions here (thanks to repairuniverse)

    However, after getting everything put back together, the phone turns on but the touch screen will not respond.

  5. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

    First thing to do is check the connections. Make sure the touch screen is connected correctly. If it is still not responding you nay have a bad screen.

    All our screens are quality checked before dispatch to ensure this doesn't happen but this probably isn't the case with your eBay seller and it could be one of the cheaper imitations about.

    Check over the connections and hopefully that will get you up and running and your phone working again.
  6. bitshift

    bitshift New Member

    there are two ribbon connections involved. One is very tiny (i think this is the screen ribbon cable) and the other I think is the digitizer ribbon. On the tiny one, is there any particular place the other side of the ribbon has to go, or interact with, other than its connector? I am confident that I managed to get both connectors back together because I "felt" them snap into place via the plastic pry bar.
  7. numbersman

    numbersman New Member

    At $5 per month and a $50 deductible, the insurance would seem to be a bargain, but you are limited to 2 claims/year. My screen lasted about 2 weeks before a short drop to the garage floor did it in. This phone is really touchy. First broken screen for me ever. Good thing I had a screen protector on it so it did not end up falling apart. I will be able to use it while I get a replacement. I got this phone for its small size. Now I have to get a case and lose the size advantage. Sucks.
  8. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

    No, if the connector is fully "snapped" in place it sounds like it is connected correctly.

    You may wish to contact your supplier as if it is installed correctly as it sounds you may have a bad screen.
  9. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Not to be a party pooper here... you did a great job with all the instructions!! However... it looks like the screen's on backwards...
  10. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    lmao, i'm hoping thats just the camera making it look like that :D
  11. DalenaPointer

    DalenaPointer New Member

    I got my Aria around the end of August and I kept really good care of it until one day I pick it up and it flies out of my hands and cracked. I was about to cry. So the next day I called (which is my advice to anybody) AT&T and told them my phone was STOLEN. If you call AT&T and say you cracked your phone, the insurance won't cover it. If it's stolen, they do. Now here's what I did (because I can't go without a phone cause I drive everyday to school an hour away and my husband is a marine and I like being able to talk to him) so...

    Option A: If you HAVE to have a phone and don't want to wait for another phone... When you say that somebody stole your phone, they will disconnect your number so that way the person who "stole" it won't be able to use it. BUT if you UPGRADED your phone and used your original SIM card (not the one that they give you in the box), call AT&T, say your phone was stolen, and instead of them canceling your number, tell them to put it on the backup SIM card that you have, and put it in one of your old phones (if you have any). Then tell them to send you a new phone, and you'll be transferred over to the insurance department and then request a new Aria and they'll send it to your house by the next business day (or two).

    Option B: If you CAN go without a number for a few days, just call AT&T and tell them your phone was stolen and you want a new aria, and they'll disconnect your number until you get the phone in the mail (again in about a business day or two) and then you call and activate it to your number/service.

    Seems like a lot of work, but one phone call and you don't have to pay for a whole new phone, you don't have to pay for a new screen, and you get the new Aria the very next day or two. It's worth it. Trust me.
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  12. atak

    atak New Member

    I replaced my digitizer last night and every thing seems to work fine, only when i make calls now I cant hear anything but people can hear me. Did i mess something up with the earphone speaker? is this possible to fix?
  13. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    I'm going to guess you have the speaker covered somehow. Does speaker phone work ok?
  14. atak

    atak New Member

    no not even speaker phone works
  15. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Perhaps there's a loose connector in there somewhere. That's the only thing I can think of that would affect you like that.
  16. Slkuehn

    Slkuehn New Member

    What kind of adheisive should I use if I do not have enough on the phone?
  17. jrmd

    jrmd New Member

    Just got digitizer and tools from RU last night and after some stressful operation time everything works great except--

    having this problem to a lesser degree- if i have headphones plugged in or put the phone on speaker i can hear the other person, but when I'm using the phone regularly I can't hear anything.

    Also, i did as follows--

    and the glow is still there. wondering if i should just do trial and error with the backing to get it in the right place? would prefer not having to completely take apart and reassemble the phone over and over, obviously. I thought i put it in the same place as the original but I guess not... anyone have any tips on where to place this?
  18. atak

    atak New Member

    Well now the speaker phone is working but im still not able to hear anything without the speaker phone turned on were you able to fix this?
  19. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you both have a connection issue with the earpiece speaker. Check over the connections for the speaker and this should resolve your problem.
  20. KayseeP

    KayseeP New Member

    I feel like such an idiot. Sweatshirt pocket, phone slipped out and hit the ground. It's not durable for sure, doesn't make it a bad phone. Just has thin glass. My touchscreen still works brilliantly. I just have it cracked and can't text around my mom or she'll see it and flip.. Once I get this thing repaired I'm going to be SO careful..tight pockets and bra only.

    Also I think it would just be best to cough up the extra cash and have HTC do it...safer and they'll do it right. then we don't have to worry about mixing things up and tweaking something that shouldn't be tweaked..I mean...for the time we/you all are putting in to try and replace it yourself..wouldn't it just be better to put up and extra 20-40 bucks to get it done right?

    I had the rubber case on mine and it didn't do much..I think it's just the impact that no matter what will hurt the thin glass.
  21. troc

    troc New Member

    I've been following this thread and managed to install the replacement screen on my Aria. However, during the install, I must have touched the LCD, because while the glass is now replaced, the LCD is completely broken. This is just a warning to those who wish to follow the instructions for taking apart your phone. Be EXTREMELY careful when prying the glass from the LCD, as apparently barely any pressure on the LCD will break it.

    At this point, I'm not sure as to whether I should order an LCD and try and replace that as well, or just bite the bullet and ask HTC for an OOW repair...
  22. tiga2001

    tiga2001 New Member

    I guess I'm lucky, but when I dropped by Aria from about 3 feet off the ground, the glass didn't break. Actually, it kind of flew out of my hands as I was taking it out of my pocket. It ended up face down on the concrete and I was afraid that the glass would crack. Amazingly, the screen didn't even have a scratch when I turned it over. So I guess it just depends, maybe some of the phones use better glass than others? When I dropped it, I didn't have a case, so I bought a case just in case I dropped it again. Incidentally, my sister dropped her Aria, and the screen cracked, but she is going to fix it herself. I think HTC should go for stronger glass, still, even if it means the phone will be heavier and cost more. I'm not sure if iPhone/iTouch screens are more durable, because I have never dropped my iTouch, but it's a fact that people have cracked iPhone screens by dropping it, too, so we all just have to be more careful. I hope in the future there is some way to make a glass/plastic hybrid that has the same feel of glass with the durability of plastic for the same price as these ultra-thin glass.
  23. chloe1827

    chloe1827 New Member

    My screen is shattered. Where can i get this fixed. and how much will it cost?
  24. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

  25. jcawesome87

    jcawesome87 New Member

    lol no, the screen is correct. The camera on my computer inverts the image.
    It would have been an interesting thing to try to explain that if I had put it on backwards.

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