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HTC Aria internet issue?Support

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  1. droidclueless

    droidclueless New Member

    I just got a new at&t htc aria today. I'm 15 and totally new to androids, i've never had one before this. I'm happy with it, except theres one problem, I can't get internet on it unless I'm connected to wifi. There's supposed to be mobile internet on it (you shouldn't need a wifi network) and i've tried to get on facebook and stuff while not connected and it just says "this page cannot be displayed" and it says i need to check my network connection. Why is it doing this? It's making me so mad :mad: please help me out!!!
    - Syd:p

  2. alf023

    alf023 New Member

    Hold down the button on top of the phone till another screen pops up.and switch the mobile network to on also same way to turn off
  3. Mythic

    Mythic Well-Known Member

    you can also try settings/wireless and network settings/mobile networks (scroll down) then check data enabled ( to enable data over mobile network)
  4. spades113

    spades113 New Member

    Yeah and when all that fails or after a loss of service or a service interruption, try setting your phone to airplane mode for a few seconds then turn it "airplane mode" off again. THen try and re-connect. Worked for me.:D

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