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  1. hootra72

    hootra72 New Member

    hello, been trying to figure out how to sync my new aria with my mac. anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance

  2. bikedogrun

    bikedogrun Well-Known Member

    More specifics... what isn't working? What do you need?

    The Aria syncs great with my MacBook, no issues at all. If you're on Gmail, your email/calendar/address book update over the air. For music in iTunes, some folks use DoubleTwist to sync. I use Salling Media Sync which works wonderfully, but does cost $19.95 for the MAC version.

    /BD :cool:
  3. hootra72

    hootra72 New Member

    thanks for the advice.. i just downloaded the Salling Media Sync but my phone doesn't recognize when i attach the phone to my mac.. i have to apologize i'm new to the whole droid system and the way it operates so i learn something new everyday
  4. bikedogrun

    bikedogrun Well-Known Member

    More info, please.

    Does your Mac recognize the Aria? Does it at least charge your Aria?

    If you pull down the notification bar on your Aria and change "Charge only" to "Disk drive" then open Salling Media Sync, it should definitely recognize the Aria and let you decide what/how you want to sync...

    /BD :cool:
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