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HTC Aria or Iphone4?

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  1. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I hear ya...I'm only half-way considering it because its available "now", my girl's family is visiting from Spain this month (need Talk-To-Me again), and I'm fiending for a larger (than my Moto Q) screen for sling. However I think HTC's radio hardware is suspect, and I'd hate to waste my subsidy discount if a larger slider is coming down the pike.

  2. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    If your looking for hackability out of a Samsung phone forget about it. I don't get why so many people who love custom roms and constant upgrades and choices would switch to Samsung. They don't allow such craziness on there phones and no one has been able to get very far on trying to get around there system. I would much rather choose the smaller Aria then the Galaxy S.
  3. AndrewAmazed

    AndrewAmazed Active Member

    mmm? what do you mean by such craziness? Some people have been trying to port Android to the Samsung Jet and it works but really laggy lol. Isn't that 'crazy' enough?
  4. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Well-Known Member

    I work at Best Buy, we sell it for $130, but we match Wirefly as well. They were selling it for free so we matched it. Apparently not all Best Buys match online sites, but ours do around here in NC.
  5. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    They wouldn't price match for me. I just bought it anyway. Not sure how anyone could use this phone and have anything bad to say about it. This thing is awesome!
  6. OJsakila

    OJsakila Well-Known Member

    I agree. However, I dont agree with your previous post about liking the backflip..That phone is cripled..still running android 1.5....they keep saying an update is coming but they couldnt even manage a motoblur update to just 1000 people without problems..the phone is big and bulky and the stupid design with the keyboard on the outside of the device is nothing short of marketing and has NOTHING to do with build quality..its like riding a motorcycle without a helmet..its just a matter of time..

    As far as the iphone goes..its incredibly over rated..apple sticks everybody with having to buy all their exclusive accessories that only fit their product as opposed to the HTC device that uses universal plugs and cords..like MOST DEVICES OUT THERE.. Apple is in control of all the sheep. No question about that. Not to mention what itunes does to your computer...and music..
    I got the first iphone in 2007 on iweek...it took TWO YEARS before they would allow/figure out MMS!!! Apple can kiss off in my opinion..

    This phone is what Im looking for...call it a mid line device but the Aria's aura blows the iphone's nasty and offending baggage out the water..
  7. dbcad7

    dbcad7 Active Member

    For most specs yes.. but does it have the unbodied construction ?
  8. shemantis

    shemantis New Member

    I just wanted to say that I went from an iPhone to an Aria, and I am happy.
    I am getting used to the keyboard, for sure. That is my biggest (and possible ONLY) real complaint. The typing is more difficult, and I don't find the auto-correct feature quite as good as the iPhone's.

    Oh, one more thing: Music app kinda sucks. I am DYING to find something that shows the lyrics I have spent hours EMBEDDING in the files, not something that searches for/downloads them AGAIN.

    Other than that: MUCH better. Especially once rooted and AT&T apps are removed.
  9. JA1234

    JA1234 Well-Known Member

    Played with an iPhone for all of one day. After having a moto droid on vzw I just couldn't get the iPhone to do what I enjoyed. So I traded in for the aria and love it. I did enjoy the accuracy of the keyboard on the iphone But the aria is fine once it learns all my short words

    Now if the network will just work in all my areas I travel in, I can say goodbye to vzw if I go back to vzw I hope the x is what it's hyped to be
  10. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    Which iphone? If you tried out a 4 and then traded it in for an Aria then your review of the switch and the phone in particular could be VERY helpful and would be VERY appreciated by pretty much everyone here.

    I have a feeling you mean you came from a 3, but if you came from a 4 I'm sure we're all dying to know the following:

    Overall enjoyment?
    Battery life?

    in comparison obviously. =)
  11. Laughs

    Laughs Active Member

    I came across this forum while looking at new phones to trade my new iphone in for. Personally, and I know a lot of people are having the same problems, the iphone 4 is by far one of the worst phones I've ever used. The only thing it can do is take a hell of a good picture. The Reception on it.. lol. I have 5 bars everywhere, unless I hold the phone with my left hand, then I have 1. But even with these 5 bars, and me not holding the phone, I go through about 17 dropped calls a day; a bit annoying. Battery life? Hahaha. I'm having to charge my iphone4 2 times a day- and it's still dying. I plan on taking mine back and getting the Aria at some point this week when I'm not slammed busy with everything else.
  12. D33PTHAWTE

    D33PTHAWTE Active Member

    my two cents: iPhone 4 has FAR too many initial issues to even consider at this point. Even the iOS 4 is screwy. I would suggest the 3GS if you set your mind on the iPhone because it works. I know its not the "latest and greatest" from Apple right now, but the "latest and greatest", by all accounts, simply isn't. Not to mention you can get a great deal on a 3GS right now, even buy a used one from one of these unfortunate souls who bought the 4, and save your upgrade for something you know you want.
    I suppose that was more like 4 cents worth...
  13. arcticXpanda

    arcticXpanda Active Member

    I'm looking forward to playing around with my aria (comes in tomorrow)
    I ordered it yesterday for free from wirefly, free activation, got a free bluetooth, and $80 cashback from bing.

    not too bad of a deal haha
    but i've played around with it in the store, and liked it, and i've read up on rooting which will probably end up being my path
  14. eortizr

    eortizr Member

    well I just got my Aria yesterday, after spending 2 days with an i4 from a friend, and been using a 3GS for the past year... I have no regret. the i4 is not that much different than a 3GS (same software) the only gain on the i4 is the front camera and display. that it... pictures are great for a phone... but they will not replace my Lumix camera. Aria's camera is better than the one in the 3GS and pretty good for a phone.. and for the price.. .01 with new account and $49 with upgrade... is a good deal. and of course "rooted' now with live wallpapers and sideloading...wooo
  15. CartOverlord

    CartOverlord Active Member

    if price is not a factor, the iphone4 is obviously a higher specced phone with a more stable OS. it also has a larger app store with more support.

    of course the iphone is the most expensive phone on the market.

    B U T! since the aria has this lovely android OS, you can be assured you will get software updates and lots and lots of FREE stuff from google over the lifetime of your phone. so what if your CELL PHONE cant run quake 3 or real racing? its a fricken cell phone.
  16. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    more stable? I think thats debatable atm with IOS4's... newness. but yea it has more ram, higher res screen and 1ghz cpu
  17. Laughs

    Laughs Active Member

    About the iphone4 being more stable os- this is VERY debatable. Even if it's a 'newer' os- it's by far my least favourite.

    Stoked for my Aria to come. I can't believe I'm even about to say this- but I'm stoked for this iphone to be trashed and not having to deal with the troubles from it
  18. Graceflanger

    Graceflanger Well-Known Member

    I would have to say the Aria is better then the iphone 4 as of now, mainly because of the signal issue. I couldnt get service on my iPhone 3g when I'm at school, but I can get 3g service on my Aria at school. With all the problems they are having with the signal its not worth it.
  19. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    Can you make a call with the iphone if youre left handed?
  20. Laughs

    Laughs Active Member

    I agree, Grace. The service on the Ip4 is horrible right now.

    You can totally make a call if your left handed, right handed, or both. However, I wouldn't expect the call to last. Haha. My calls are dropping left and right when I'm not even holding the phone, I'll have it on speaker phone sitting down in front of me. I do believe that says enough.:(
  21. Graceflanger

    Graceflanger Well-Known Member

    You know there is a problem with the phone when Apple Care came out and said the software update wouldn't fix the problem. I'm expecting a huge lawsuit and recalls on the phone.
  22. Laughs

    Laughs Active Member

    Defiantly! It's all stupid. I called Apple Care and they told me " hold the phone differently and you shouldn't have a problem ", they seem to have a problem understanding I'm not even holding my phone when I'm slammed with failed calls. Lol. Oh well. My iphone is going back today- although I'm a little upset about a 10% restocking fee. I don't see why I should have to pay that when the phone is a POS =[
  23. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't have to.
  24. Laughs

    Laughs Active Member

  25. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    Wow... that's f'n BEAT, man. Sorry to hear it.

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