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Htc Aria screenSupport

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  1. achamb37

    achamb37 New Member

    A few weeks ago I dropped my phone and of course the screen cracked. Since it cracked my screen would not let me do much, it was very touchy. If I wanted to send a text message it would all of a sudden go back to the main screen. So I ordered a digitizer and got it installed. It worked okay at first but now its doing the same thing as before I replaced it. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong and if there is anything I can do?

  2. kellyjelly

    kellyjelly New Member

    same thing happened to me ): but now mine's unresponsive
    a couple weeks ago i dropped my htc aria (not even from a great height or anything, but it hit the corner) and the screen broke. so having a bit of experience from taking apart my previous samsung f480 phone (i broke the LED screen) i decided to order a digitizer for my aria.
    i replaced my screen but whenever the 4 buttons at the bottom light up, i could see the light on my screen. my dad became frustrated so he took the phone apart several times in order to try adjust the little white piece of paper so that it wouldnt light up. and im not sure why, but last night i plugged my phone in to charge and not too long later it became touch unresponsive and im not sure why. is there any way that i can fix my phone? i really want to be able to use it again, or at least save all my messages to gmail..

    if it helps, i replaced my screen with an at&t digitizer..but if there are any other questions about what i did before my phone became unresponsive i wouldnt mind answering it. thank you!

    by the way, my phone is completely unresponsive. i cant even slide down to unlock my phone..
  3. achamb37

    achamb37 New Member

    The four buttons on the bottom of mine do the same thing. But I'm use to it by now lol. But I think I need to replace the lcd display screen, which is probably the same thing you need to do.
    With you charging your phone, I don't know why it does that. The same thing happens to my friends andriod phone.

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