HTC Aria touch screen freeze. E:Can't open ?cache/recovery/comSupport

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  1. nschlies1531

    nschlies1531 Member

    My Aria froze on me today. I tryed the hard reboot. Didn't work. I tried Recovery. It brought me to a screen with a red triangle and punctuation mark. I held volume up and pressed power to bring up another system recovery menu. Apply failed to open. I did the factory reset. Still no response from the touch screen. I also cleared all user data to no avail. The optic toggle also does not function. Only the hardware keys work.
    Can anyone tell me PLEASE if they came across this same problem and is there a fix? Theres no way for me to copy to the phone's drive since I can't access any of its menus.

  2. nschlies1531

    nschlies1531 Member

    Update: I was able to access touch screen for awhile...downloaded a couples apps and it froze up on me again. not sure what i did to make it come on.
  3. Floridays

    Floridays Member

    I updated to 2.2 on Monday and the screen frooze on me this morning (Friday). I pulled the battery off, soft reset, and the phone re-booted fine. I'm hoping this isn't the begginning of a new problem. Although I love the Aria the phone is just too buggy for me and I'm starting to tire of calling HTC and ATT support every few weeks.
  4. juacolk

    juacolk New Member

    Guys i have the same prolem. My screen is locked, and i can

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