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HTC ARIA touch screen issue when doing a callSupport

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  1. Gurdave

    Gurdave New Member

    Need some advise... I replaced my touch screen for the Aria as it cracked yesterday. But today, every time i make a call the whole screen goes blank and the only way i can recover is by removing the battery and restarting it again.

    As i press call on the screen, it just goes blank immediately, but the call still goes through. Only thing is that i cannot do anything even end the call as the screen just goes blank. I have tried updating the software back to factory setting but still no use. Same problem.

    Anyone have faced this and tried something new? Please let me know thanks..

  2. AngryPete

    AngryPete New Member

    I'm having this same problem on my Samsung Captivate. I've owned this phone over a year and it's worked perfectly fine until about a week ago. Running through everything I can find online... nothing fixes the issue. There's been a few people that have gotten replacement phones, but if you look at what's happening, there's no way it could be hardware related. I've rooted the phone reinstalled Google Apps, flashed various new ROMs... nothing works... still have the same problem... :(
  3. af1k

    af1k New Member

    I also have this issue. The problem seems to be with the "proximity sensor" at the upper right hand corner of the unit. Apparently the way it is supposed to work is that the screen goes blank when you put the phone to the ear/face. When the call is finished and you remove the phone from the face the screen is supposed to light back up. In my case this does not happen (immediately). At first I also removed the battery to "hang up" the phone... I guess the term would be to end the call. Since first noticing this problem I started rubbing the screen and it would light momentarily, sometimes long enough to end the call. Called HTC and since it is "intermittant" they tell me there is nothing they can do about it. For what it is worth, this started after the glass was replaced due to cracking after a fall from my pocket. Sorry this may not HELP, but it should explain what is happening. Now, if only someone could tell me how to "adjust" the proximity sensor or perhaps the light sensor I would be very happy with the phone.
  4. Elluva

    Elluva New Member

    When you replaced your screen you must have lost the small black rubber cover for the proximity sensor. I have done the same thing and I am experiencing the same problem. If you hold your phone to a bright light you should be able to use you touch screen functions during a call. This is what I am doing at least until I find a fix and to avoid removing the battery. Still trying to find out if there is a replacement part or a way around this.

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