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  1. ral2108

    ral2108 Active Member

    Ok, my buddy just got the Aria which is a very similar phone to the Eris but i believe it is newer, and it seems to run a lot smoother stock than my eris did stock.

    one thing i noticed was that it came with more HTC widgets. He has 3 options for HTC email widgets while i only have 1. i'm on xtrSense 4.6, so maybe someone who is on stock can tell me if stock eris has these extra choices.

    is it possible to get these extra HTC widgets on the Eris? I did check the "get more htc widgets" option and did not see many options.


  2. AlanJames1987

    AlanJames1987 Member

    I only have one mail widget as well on my stock Eris. HTC isn't updating the Eris anymore which may be why newer widgets haven't come to it.

    If your friend roots his Aria you could always copy the widgets files from his phone to yours.

    Maybe someone else on here has a better idea.
  3. T-Keith

    T-Keith Well-Known Member

    Launcher pro plus has several different size widgets. I don't use the mail app, but their widgets are usually similar to the sense onces. Of course you'll have to ditch Sense.
  4. ral2108

    ral2108 Active Member

    yea, im only on 2.1 right now so that I can use sense, otherwise I usually do use Launcher Pro
  5. Haxcid

    Haxcid Well-Known Member

    Launcher Pro Plus does not have a mail widget (yet).

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