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HTC Aria won't connect to home WiFiSupport

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  1. ghost25

    ghost25 Member

    Hey guys, got one for you.

    I have an HTC Aria that I got through AT&T, so it is, of course, locked. Really don't care about that, I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could find a way to root it that would allow me to remove unused apps such as AT&T Navigator or AT&T Music. Whatever.

    My problem though, is that I have a new Linksys router, the E1000, and I absolutely cannot connect. I can go to any other location around town that has free WiFi and have no problem connecting. At home, on the Linksys, nothing. I have tried rebooting the router, rebooting the phone (both with WiFi on and off), forgetting and remembering the wireless connection, and no luck. I had connection, for some odd reason, tonight, for maybe half an hour. Beyond that, nothing.

    I'm new to the era of touch-screen phones, and this is my first time using a non-BlackBerry smartphone, so you can safely presume I'm a newb. If there's anything you can offer me for advice, it would be greatly appreciated... and let me know if you need any other info, I'll post it.

    Oh yeah, and the software information I can offer is thus:
    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-7ff04569
    Build number: 1.25.502.12 CL192055 release-keys
    Software number: 1.25.502.12
    Browser version: WebKit 3.1

  2. ghost25

    ghost25 Member

  3. ghost25

    ghost25 Member

    Solved. As is apparently a common solution, it required completely draining the battery, then plugging it back in. Voila, problem solved.

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