HTC Battery Widget In Market For DIncTips

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  1. gener1c

    gener1c Well-Known Member

    HTC battery Widget is in the market but not available under Get more HTC Widgets. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

  2. Beatlesfan

    Beatlesfan Well-Known Member

    The description says that it's only for the hero and the eris.
  3. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    This is because those phones are mdpi, and we are hdpi, the pictures arent as big or clear. it will work fine itll just be small.
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  4. socarwolverine

    socarwolverine Well-Known Member

    If it's the one that says its only for the hero and eris, that's been on there for a long time.
  5. BetaMan

    BetaMan Well-Known Member

    Be careful, battery widgets can make your battery drain faster due to constantly polling the battery! Seems kinda strange that the battery widget drains the battery!
  6. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    Gauge Battery Widget is the best battery widget hands down.
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  7. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    I've heard mixed reviews on this issue. Personally I used to use it on My droid Eris with 1.5, and stopped once 2.1 came around, I NEVER had any drain issues, but people reported differently on 2.1
  8. bmwhartgeM3

    bmwhartgeM3 Active Member

    Ummm I believe that title goes to battery left widget
  9. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Well-Known Member

    It is a fact that Batt. Widgets cause drain to your battery. I've been watching this HTC widget, and others in the past with TaskManager or OSMonitor. And every minute or so the widget jumps to 60% cpu usage to read gauge and show results. So I did a monitor on the process, and every hour it was jumping to 60% and using 3-4% battery on process_Start. So after 12 hours, you're looking at rougly 30% battery loss from widget activity. Needless to say, I stopped using all types of "active" updating widgets, including but not limited to, Facebook, Messaging, Friendstream, Battery, etc. My phone lasts much longer now. If i want to see the battery, i'll go to Settings > About my phone. Just my opinion though.
  10. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Battstatt... so simplistic and classic looking.
  11. gornul

    gornul Well-Known Member

    Battery Indicator by Darshan Computing is my preferred. Sits in the notification area, displays a percentage, and System Panel and Spare Parts both show it using 0% resources. It displays battery health, temp, and exact voltage of current charge. Even has a built-in "disable lockscreen" option. For $.099 you can get a higher resolution image and customizable 4-color (red/yellow/gray/green) indicators.

    (I'm not the dev, I just really love this app. If I could replace the built-in indicator with this thing, I'd do it in a heartbeat.)

    QR Code for those interested.
  12. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    Not to me it isn't. It doesn't look as good and was much more inaccurate. That's my opinion.
  13. bmwhartgeM3

    bmwhartgeM3 Active Member

    I switched to the gauge cause Im a big gear hear and I also liked the looks, but it just gives your percentage, bat left takes truly around a week to get your bat stats down. The only reason i went back to bat left is I like knowing how long my battery has left in time not just percentage. Its more precise to tell me how long I have left on my bat and whether or not Ill need to charge or if i can get away with out.

    Not saying Gauge is bad, just saying not as useful for me.
  14. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    I personally use, sysmonitor. It gives you the choice of having "battery level, RAM memory, Internal memory, SD memord, cpu usage" as options of what to show in the task bar(I obv. use the battery) and it shows the battery perfect, SD card memory, ram usage(my main use other than the battery in the task bar) and internal memory. Over all best app for general info. It's perfect.
  15. jlb0305

    jlb0305 Well-Known Member

    It drained my battery. I use battery left now with it set to only update every half hr.
  16. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

  17. Liquoredolce

    Liquoredolce Well-Known Member

  18. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    No not that I know of.
  19. ilinimud

    ilinimud Well-Known Member

    Yup, its the best IMO.
  20. scooz16

    scooz16 Well-Known Member

    Anyone use Battery Minder? Been using it for a while and don't think there is much battery drain but I could just be used to it.

  21. nkk

    nkk Well-Known Member

    The OS sends out an update about the battery whenever it changes. There is no polling just has to wait for that update then change the displayed percent. The Darshan computing one does not poll. If they are polling, the widget was designed by an idiot.
  22. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

  23. thelastdraco

    thelastdraco Well-Known Member

    battery widget by geekyouup is really cool imo

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