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HTC Bravo/Passion and Google N1 RAM

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  1. carthesis

    carthesis Well-Known Member

    A question for the general forum population:

    I'm looking around for info on the Bravo/Passion, and the commonly held wisdom is that the Bravo and the Passion are basically the same thing, except for different markets (Bravo UK/EU, Passion US), and that they both share more than a passing similarity to the Google N1.

    However, the Google N1 is listed as having 512Mb of RAM, whereas all the bumf I've found on the Bravo/Passion suggests a mere 256Mb of RAM. This strikes me as a bit... well... crap. :(

    Now, given how similar all these phones are to each other, and the fact that HTC built ALL of them, I find it hard to believe that they'll use different mainboards. I also seem to recall seeing something about there being a 'hidden bank' of RAM on the N1 that Cyanogen, or those other freakin' geniuses over at XDA, have managed to unlock.

    My question is thus:

    Do we think the Bravo/Passion will have 512Mb of physical RAM with only 256 available for Apps to run in (with the rest reserved for the OS in the same way the N1 was, as I understood it)


    Have HTC skimped and stripped off some of the RAM, meaning there only 256Mb in total?

    Android 2.1 on the Nexus with the Cyanogen ROM seems to have about 230Mb of RAM free from the 512Mb installed, so about 280Mb seems to be reserved for the OS/phone stack/gfx/whatever else. When you remember that Cyanogen manages to speed things up by (not only) stripping the unnecessary crap off, and that the HTC version will come with SenseUI, this all adds up to 256Mb of RAM TOTAL seeming like it might not be enough to make this phone useable (see HTC Hero, which comes with 288Mb RAM on Donut).

    Having been using a Samsung Galaxy :)mad:) since UK release, and struggling day after day with the truly pathetic 39Mb of RAM available after a fresh boot meaning web pages take approximately one week to render and that the phone as a whole struggles, lacking RAM will be a problem for me and for others too I suspect.


  2. bravo uk, will have hidden ram, as usa version.
  3. venom21

    venom21 Well-Known Member

    what do you mean hidden ram..?
  4. carthesis

    carthesis Well-Known Member

    Venom - if you read my original post, I explain it.
  5. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Actually the N1 has 512mb of usable RAM. Some is used for FB, GPU, AMSS as for every phone, and we can explect that to be about 100 to 150mb.

    The Rest is totally available to linux. The .29 kernel is simply unable to address anything over 256mb. That means that it can only see 256mb curently. About 25mb of this is used for things like the framebuffer and shared memory. The majority of the RAM used by the other resources like the AMSS (the 100 to 125mb) doesnt need to be addressed by the kernel so can be used above 256mb.

    With the .32 kernel which will be released soon, the kernel is able to address ALL 512mb. That means we will have 512mb - 100 to 150mb available to android.

    The ram isnt HIDDEN and there's no hack or crack to reutilise it as such. Cyanogen just patches in the himem addressing that the new kernel will use.

    As for different main boards. The main board can be identical for both 256 and 512mb boards. They simply drop in a different SRAM chip and compile the kernel differently. This isnt difficult or costly for them to do.

    Its plausible that the Bravo could have 256mb RAM, although unlikely. By the time its released 256mb RAM will be 'average' and not future proof for new android builds.

    However they could do it as a marketing ploy or to maximize profits. Most people wouldnt know the different. Look at the 32A, 32B mess with the magic.
  6. carthesis

    carthesis Well-Known Member

    Kam - thanks for explaining that.

    Suppose you're right about the different chip densities - it just seems mad to me that they'd do such a thing. Personally, I think I'd just launch it with the same spec as the N1 as it'll sell better because of it. That and the fact it's going to be available through the networks and have SenseUI means it'll sell.

    Suppose we'll just have to wait and see....

    PS - is the Cyanogen ROM as good as it looks?
  7. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    It would be crazy from a user point of view, but you'll be amazed how the marketing types work!

    I havnt rooted my N1 yet. I'm still looking for a way to relock the bootloader. Its not looking easy :(
  8. carthesis

    carthesis Well-Known Member

    Ah. Well, looking at the specs for the Bravo/Passion/Desire, it seems it's playing one-up with the Nexus One - 576Mb RAM!

    Wonder if HTC will have bodged the new kernel into it... still, at least it's the same hardware (broadly) as the N1, so Cyanogenmod should run on it with very little effort, correct?

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